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This is personal

I cried last night. Long, hard, sad.

I cried and then, because it was far too late, I turned out the light and rocked myself to sleep. Read the rest of this entry »


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Write-up of Onscenity’s “Bodies” Conference (II)

Next up is a collation of three somewhat shorter papers addressing feminity, the dynamics of the showgirl and the grotesque on stage. Read the rest of this entry »

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Write-up of Onscenity’s “Bodies” Conference (I)

Out and about today (OK: yesterday) at a challenging/brilliant conference – one more under the Onscenity banner – entitled Bodies: Flesh, performance, media, disgust and desire . Introducing the conference, Prof Feona Attwood points out how “bodies” are not much considered academically, despite the fact that we are more and more able to change bodies. This throws up a range of issues: On the one hand disapproval, including a feminist disapproval of body-centricity: on the other, an ability to take control, which both creates opportunity and challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

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Event: The Fourth Biennial Conference of the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network (April)

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Event: Bodies: Flesh, Performance, Media, Disgust and Desire (June)

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Event: Journal of Women in Culture and Society thematic “sex issue”

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Event: Forthcoming Feminisms: Gender Activism, Politics and Theories (October)

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