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This is personal

I cried last night. Long, hard, sad.

I cried and then, because it was far too late, I turned out the light and rocked myself to sleep. Read the rest of this entry »

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Soppy girl…

I suppose i could blame Linda. But then it was part my idea, to begin with.

So i suppose some of the blame – and credit – lies with me. And besides, it isn’t exactly a crime to be soppy in public. Just embarrassing! Read the rest of this entry »

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Church, with added waterworks

Well, that was…interesting. Tearing up in full sight of everyone in the middle of church. Though mostly unnoticed, apart from the mum walking next to me, up the aisle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spooks (mini-spoiler)


No. No. No. No. No….

That was just SO unfair. Just wateched the final episode…last ten minutes or so in tears. No! It shouldn’t be allowed: anyone know of a good freelance assassin…time to put a stop to this brutal script-writing.



On a lighter note…

…the geek in me couldn’t help wondering why MI5’s mobiles always work perfectly every time. Like, they’re in some totally isolated spot…and they still seem to get perfect reception enabling last minute urgent calls to the Home Secretary to happen with perfect clarity.

Whereas here in semi-isolated Lincolnshire, i can see that, if there happened to be a bomb plot, the question of whether it would be averted or not would depend wholly on the vagaries of Vodafone.

Or in other words, it would happen.



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Flashback (with tears)

Can you create memories? No. Scratch that. Associations?

When Misz – my cat – passed on, I picked three tracks to celebrate his passing.
This morning, criving back from the school run, one of those tracks – “Bright Eyes” – came on the radio. Instant floods of tears.

Never used to react like that to the song (well, ever so slightly sniffly…but not like that).


Still miss him

And maybe some music is no longer safe.


Listen again:

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