Doubt avoidance

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been one or two comments here and elsewhere from folk waking up to what this blog actually does – and not, in all cases, entirely happy with it.

Because while many blogs are just sort of “out there” – something you may happen across and have a good read of as and when, this blog has always had, or been intended to have, a bit more bite.

Though it has changed – evolved – along the way.

In the beginning, Jane…

To begin with, it was little more than a personal journey. A lot of stuff was happening to me very fast – with almost every day bringing another first in its wake: and I was alternately amazed, amused and excited by it all. Child in a candy store, sort of thing. Or, for those who have noticed my liking for things of a sparkly nature: girl in a designer dress shop.

I wrote as I found stuff, and some of my early “discoveries” were just plain dumb, wrong or modified by what I’ve discovered since. Not that that bothers me over much. I am who I am, here, now. If I said something daft last week, month, year, mock me for it. Laugh! But please don’t expect me to feel obligated by it.

To err is human, and all that. Or if you want the poetic take on it:

“A foolish consistency is the petty hobgoblin of small minds”

Yep. So it is. (Emerson, in case you were wondering…)

But ask me again in a while. Just to make sure.


OK. I started with journey: but in time, the journey moves into top gear and starts to rollick along with rather less in the way of chopping and changing to keep readers entertained. Not that the personal dimension has gone. Just that it is more infrequent – and increasingly about funny things that happened while ironing.

Which mostly aren’t funny. So you won’t find any documented so far.

I started to post “serious” stuff in an offshoot blog – called “sex matters”. But that always left me confused. So now everything is rolled into one. The subject is much wider: I’m interested in a variety of small-p political stuff, with a fairly large focus on sexuality – and not just trans sexuality, either.

Sex work. Feminism. Censorship. Those, too, are things that take my interest.

I also run an events page, which includes details of mostly academic events in those areas. Let me know if you have something that belongs – and I’m certainly not above publishing the odd demo or march, either.

Feeding the news

Then there’s the bit that has made some folk nervous. The fact that this blog is actually read from time to time by real people…at last count somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 individuals a week. And by journalists.

Well – der!: I am a journalist. So it would be a miracle if no colleagues ever poked their noses in.

But I have also taken that aspect of the blog a bit further. Anything titled “news feed” is stuff that I consider to be a good story – but which I have neither time nor energy to pitch properly to the mainstream and/or lgbt press.

So it is written up here, is available for lifting for free by non-commercials; and for a fee by commercials. Check it out. Its one of the categories set up in the side bar. What goes in the news feed is all kosher journalism. I don’t write about people without talking to them. And that’s about all there is to it.

Increasingly, news feed also goes out to opinion formers: MP’s, columnists and the like. Do they tarry? Do they read about the latest NHS cock-up on cosmetic surgery, then flick thru into me posting about my own personal aesthetic issues? I haven’t a clue! Though if they do, I wish them well.

Responsible party girl

I am aware that there is a growing degree of responsibility on me: that what I write may be picked up more widely. That I really ought to be responsible some of the time. Which for a girl who loves to party is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

But I guess I’ll try: and if I screw up that bit from time to time, you can always write and tell me and I do listen. I do change stuff when it is pointed out that I may have missed the implications of what I just wrote. Sometimes.

And that, for now, is about as good as I get.

jane xx

P.S. If there is anyone out there who understands the mechanics of wordpress well enough to give me a hand in making this site easier to navigate, i’d be overjoyed. Just drop me a line.

12 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    sue said,

    Kind thoughts and much love to you and your family I do hope Tash finds understanding and acceptance.

    If you ever need very rudimentary legal info do ask xxxx

    Sue x

  2. 2

    Anna Alpoim said,

    Hey Jane!!!!

    I am a 25 year old brasilian girl currently living in Sweden. I read about you and Andrea in a brasilian site and I could not be more than happy and touched with everything.
    I can´t say I can relate to anything all I can say is I support you and it´s never late to be happy! Don´t ever let anyone take away the sparkle in your beautiful eyes. And by the way, you have the partner everyone´s searching for.
    My best wishes of luck and happiness

  3. 3

    Melanie said,

    Hi Jane,

    I knew you many moons ago at Commercial Union. You seemed a lost soul, but it seems like you’ve now found your way. Good luck with the operation and I hope it brings you everything you wished for.


  4. 4

    Paula said,

    Hi Jane
    I have just found your excellent blog. You may be interested in the document that can be downloaded at

    It is all to with informing the government’s transgender action plan.

    Hope your hospital visit goes well!

  5. 5

    Tracy Williams said,

    Hi Jane,

    Interested in your blogs concerning leisure centres and i cant believe the lengths that you was made to go through in order to enjoy a simple swim. I am currently writing procedures for our Leisure Remit in terms of accessibility and easing customers through what can be a daunting process. I would like if you would allow me to use some paragrpahs from your blog and recreate into a case study of what shouldnt happen. If you happy with this can you email me back.
    Thanks a million xx

  6. 6

    Big Kate said,

    where do i find your e-mail addy btw I am X_mass on Lj

  7. 7

    Emma said,

    Just read your article in the Guardian, very informative and well written. You must be very proud to have such a well adjusted and mature daughter. Well done to both of you for stepping up and speaking outon what remains for many a difficult issue. I live not far from yourselves in Peterborough and have grown up in small Lincolnshire towns and know how stiffling it can be!

  8. 8

    GABRIELLA said,

    You’re blog is good but in my 10 years a pre and post op I disagree about police awareness of trans issues. They are still bigoted. Nothing much has changed in 10 years that’s just my view

  9. 9

    Paula TransPanther said,

    You have arrived right at the time of huge changes. Any time until the last 6 months or so you would have foiund a very polite, very “keep the status quo” collection of people all playing by the rules and sticking within the boundaries that were being enforced by the establishment.

    Not no longer.. not no way.. civil disobedience is on the way and that includes the tg/ts community. We are facing extinction by dictat of state policy.. and the days of asking nicely hoping to be heard are well and truly over.

    Interesting times ahead, and probably plenty to write about soon, but maybe not all of it “agreeable” to the old guard.

    I saw a comment on another trans-blog site earlier today when the writer was sticking to the old school establishment line. Ask nicely children.. and they might throw you a bone in maybe 10 more years… And the comment was…
    “stick your fat paid mouthpiece job.. traitor!!.. part of the problem, not part of the solution.. watch your back!”
    These are the words of the angry, people who feel they are shut out by the professional “trans lobby”, people getting older watching their lives tick away on sink estates with no hope of ever getting work to fund treatments.. watching the lucky few “speak” for them without ever asking first.

    The future looks interesting.. it’s not IF it goes up any more, it’s when!! The 40 somethings who have made nice livings “representing” the trans community are seen as the enemy.. the establishment.. the ladder pullers and supporters of the rule makers.. Either they wake up and smell the coffee, or they will be thrown aside with the rest of the oppressors!!! Being trans is no longer reserved for the middle class professionals..They would like it to be kept that way, but it’;s too late.. the genie is out of the bottle. There is a new working class grass roots movement out here, full of students, activists, street protesters, excluded unemployed, and it has no time for the priveleged slamming the doors behind them.

    There will be plenty to write about in the very near future.. the time is now xxxx

    Paula – TPP-UK

  10. 11

    Tanya-Jayne said,

    I read your P.S. on needing someone to help with configuring your wordpress to be easier to navigate. I’d be very happy to help where I can. I’ve build a number of sites using wordpress so know my way around it. Examples would be my own at and also


  11. 12

    Hello Jane, We are twin brothers Matt and Jon Price. We are the founders and directors of the Proud2Be Project, a global community interest company set up to help encourage and support all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people to be proud of who they are.

    We currently run an online video campaign. Through the videos we are sending a new and positive message to all LGBT people to let them know there are people in the world like them who are proud to be who they are. We have just received a wonderful video from Stephen Fry and have videos from Peter Tatchell, deputy speaker Nigel Evans MP, Michael Cashman MEP, London Gay Men’s Chorus, Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus and Fox from channel 4’s ‘My Transsexual Summer’ (All of which can be seen on our youtube channel).

    We thought you were great on ‘My Dad Is A Woman’ and feel you are a great role model for the LGBT community. We would love you to be part of this new message. All you have to do is record a short and simple Proud2Be video stating who you are and who you are proud to be. For example: I am (name) and I am proud to be (however you identify). Please feel free to look at our website to see if this is a project you would like to support. For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Many Thanks

    Matt and Jon Price

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