Security? No way!

Well, i SHALL write about it. The event, incident, THING: even though i am pretty sure that Tesco, who are a generally decent firm when it comes to customer handling, will sort me out…will apologise profusely and will more or less go thru the right sort of motions.

Until the next time.

Which is why, as well as personal experience, this is also question, for anyone else who might be affected one way or t’other by this mock security affectation that some companies seem to have.

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Fariy liberation!!

Is it, i wonder this morning, time for a radical newcampaign. A campaign designed to liberate one of the least reocgnised most maligned minorities in our Isles from the tyranny of popular prejudice and cliché?

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The end of the Olympics… (hurrah!)

Yessss! Today is the last of the nonsense…at least for a day or so until they clear out the Olympic lot and move in the Paralympians.

Which leaves me in something of a quandary. Because on diversity grounds, i guess i’d expect the latter to get at least as much cover as the former. While on purely selfish grounds, i just can’t wait until the whole silly thing is over and no longer dominating the airwaves

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Names again!

Something positive for a change. because i’ve been carping for so long about how the powers that be get stuff wrong. And earlier this week, i realised that maybe – hearing of yet another silly case to afflict an online friend – we could do something to help peeps get it less wrong.

So instead of just complaining, this post has links to a couple of useful resources – and a poem to, i hope, cheer you up. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cracks in the wall: the Walsh trial

The farce that was the trial of Simon Walsh, and which ended in acute embarrassment for police and prosecuting authorities in Kingston Crown Court this week exposes three fundamental flaws in the dishonesty that has always been the establishment approach to this legislation.

Collectively, these underline the instinctive reaction of many groups who were vehemently opposed to the law as it made its way through parliament: that you didn’t need the detail of the law to be opposed to it; you needed merely to understand that the law on extreme porn handed powers that were both wide and ill-defined to the authorities, and for that reason alone it should be feared. Read the rest of this entry »

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Twixt stealth and authenticity

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And now, the end is near…

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