And now, the end is near…

…for this blog.

At least in its present form.

I know, i know. Some of you actually read it, like it…. Some have written to tell how its helped along the way, transition-wise, because as well as information, i’ve gone pretty public on all manner of stuff that people are often too shy to ask about.

ANd then there’s stuff on name change. Stuff on sex and sexuality. Gender. Feminism. Politics.

Sheesh! I think I lose track of it…so i pity the poor reader trying to keep up.

Too, i think its somewhat lost its way. Or rather, its trying to head off in so many different ways at once that its hard to tell what its about.

Once upon a time, this blog had a singular, mostly focused perspective…to document the journey of a woman making her way through transition. There were exciting times. Painful ones. Fun ones. And some pretty horrid stuff, too.

But while i’d be the first to argue that “transition never quite ends”, still, the pace slows…and over the past few months, my other outwardly disparate obsessions have come that much more to the fore.

To the point where i suspect they present something of a confusing picture to anyone who doesn’t know me closely…get how i can interweave these different elements and still make sense to myself, if no-one else.

So, as you may have noticed, the pace has slowed already. In part, that reflects a picking up of work…more and more writing, which is good, in that that means money in the bank…less good in that it means less time for other stuff.

Time, therefore, to re-evaluate, which i shall be doing over the summer. And in the end, this blog…or this bit of this blog, is likely to continue…a shadow of its former glory…and i’ll be trying to re-arrange stuff on the page so it makes rather more sense to the casual reader.

Proper sections. Sub-blogs and the like. I seem to remember one or two folk half promising to give a hand with that. If anyone is up for it, please let me know and….there could be an evening of good food and wine in it for you.

Not signing off just yet. But starting to turn off the non-essentials. Talking to the planners about where to go next: how to make sense of what i want to do with all my bloggery.

Jane xx

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    Jessica said,

    typical… someone else I start following getting a life =P

    all the best with things.

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