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Fariy liberation!!

Is it, i wonder this morning, time for a radical newcampaign. A campaign designed to liberate one of the least reocgnised most maligned minorities in our Isles from the tyranny of popular prejudice and cliché?

Is it time to stand up for the faerie world? Read the rest of this entry »

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Hard limit for the boy?

So. He’s happily accompanied me to various Prides, helped the London lesbian contingent by dishing out fridge magnets in Bristol, hovered nervously around the edges of an EDLcounter-demo – and even joined the massed ranks of women’sorgs on slutwalk, where he even learnt the chant of the day.

Closer to home, our family is a poster for diversity, with recently the entire rainbow – L, G, B and T – represented in just three individuals sat around our dinner table (myself, his mum and his uncle: i leave it to others to guess how that works).

But,with an up and coming charity event in Stamford next month, have i finally found his hard limit – in tutus and wings and magic wands? Read the rest of this entry »

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On Friday night i went to the Ball. Well: “Night of the Senses“, actually. It was magical.

OK. The Ball itself had its little difficulties: more of that later. But overall, the night was wonderful because…because it was another first. I anticipated. I agonised over my dress. I conned my step-daughter, Megan into making my dress for me. 🙂

I put on glitter, heels and sparkly shoes. And then i just flew!

No-one can ever take that away from me.

The outfit. I am leaving a small space here for a picture.

{andrea…please, please upload the pic!!!} [done! a.x]

It was green, blue, shimmery, chiffony faerie. Not real chiffon. But in the dark and under the spotlights, who could tell? A little (green) body paint. Sparkle for my eyes.

A little too much hair gel: i regretted that the next day.

Wings of silk. OK. Not real silk either. But in the dark….who could tell?

Thanks to Faith, who took my initial idea and the poor attempt i had made at realising it and pointed out how it wouldn’t work. Thanks, next, to Megan, who took the idea, plus several metres of something and sewed them into place. Congratulations, too, as the dress received more than its fair share of compliments.

My heels didn’t quite survive the evening. That is, i didn’t break them: but after some six hours of standing on them, and approaching that point where the pain in toes and ankles was beginning to be constant (and excruciating), i returned to plan A, shrugged off my shoes, and spent the rest of the night barefoot.

Oh. And there was, too, the little matter of an award.

I am now officially the UK’s erotic writer of the year, 2010. I am glad that the work for which it was given – a rather serious, but short, booklet on discrimination on ground of sexuality – was written before i came out.

Transitioning, i seem sometimes to receive attention that goes beyond what i feel i merit on grounds of ability alone.

Anyway: its called “Beyond the Circle”: go buy it here if you are interested.

As for the award, it was – it is – a little inappropriate. I think it rather vulgar, although andrea seems to like it. It comes in the shape of an enormous golden penis. With wings.

Should we let the boy take it in to “Show and tell”? Probably not: Social Services would be round in a flash.

So now it sits on our mantelpiece, the ultimate career irony. Here i am trying to lose one phallic object: and the great and the good get together and award me a second.


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