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Hard limit for the boy?

So. He’s happily accompanied me to various Prides, helped the London lesbian contingent by dishing out fridge magnets in Bristol, hovered nervously around the edges of an EDLcounter-demo – and even joined the massed ranks of women’sorgs on slutwalk, where he even learnt the chant of the day.

Closer to home, our family is a poster for diversity, with recently the entire rainbow – L, G, B and T – represented in just three individuals sat around our dinner table (myself, his mum and his uncle: i leave it to others to guess how that works).

But,with an up and coming charity event in Stamford next month, have i finally found his hard limit – in tutus and wings and magic wands? Read the rest of this entry »

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I was very close to tears this afternoon. In Stamford library of all places. In part the fault of the library itself. In part my own silly fault for trusting public computer systems. Read the rest of this entry »

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