Paddy Power: the real bill arrives

So the Paddy Power ad campaign is all just a bit of fun? Just for laughs?

Sadly, the evidence already beginning to come in is just the opposite – and pretty much in line with fears expressed at the supposedly more “alarmist” end of the spectrum.

Earlier this week, a trans woman flew into London, where she stayed overnight in a reasonably upmarket hotel.

Yesterday, at breakfast, two of the waiters huddled together, staring at her. Shortly after they were joined by two more staff. One of them pointed.

As she explained later, she knew she’d been ‘read’. However, the last thing she expected was for a young Spanish waiter to be pushed forward. He came over and asked her if she was in the Paddy Power advert.

He was speaking with sufficient lack of concern for her privacy that other guests were able to hear and, as a result, two business executives sat next to her loudly asked to be moved to a new table.

All’s well that ends well – in this case. She complained to management and says that, to the hotel’s credit, the management hit the roof, cancelled her bill and offered 7 free nights to be taken whenever she wished. She was also left with an impression that the waiter in question might shortly be looking for a new job.

For that reason – the hotel’s prompt and positive handling of the matter – she does not wish to name the chain involved or the location where the incident took place.

In a separate incident yesterday, a trans woman who has passed several trouble-free years since transition was cut up by a motorist on the M25. There was some minor damage to her car.

The culprit sped off without stopping. She had an inkling that he might have been ever-so-slightly the worse for drink. However, it was his parting shot that left her shocked and frightened.

For he wound down his window and shouted at her: “Are you a fucking man or a woman?”

No evidence at all that this was directly related to the Paddy Power ad: and it has been a fortnight when trans has been much in the news. Still, it is worrying.

Back to the hotel incident: as the victim in this case explained later, many of the “just a laugh” brigade will still be puzzled by all of this. After all, there was no violence: nothing.

Except that paid staff thought it was OK to humiliate her with impunity.

Translate that encounter to another location. A badly-lit street in Cheltenham, say, with a crowd of sozzled racegoers who have just lost all their cash and are in the mood to take their angst out on someone else…and the dangers should be evident to all.

A lot of us will be keeping an eye out for incidents of this sort over the next few days. Trans Media Watch for one – and they will be compiling a dossier to pass to the ASA. Press for Change, too. And me.

If I hear of enough of these incidents, don’t imagine that I will be doing anything less than pulling them together and dropping the stories – as anonymised as those who have endured the experiences wish – on the laps of a host of sympathetic MP’s.


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  1. 1

    I think we are all going to be watching and praying for no casualties. I fear for the people who have put themselves in this position and secondly created a hot bed for continued transphobia via the UK media hate machine and beyond. I shudder to think what will take place at these events.

  2. 2

    Lemon OG said,

    This is horrific – I’m pleased I’ve not seen this appalling advert

  3. 3

    So I rest my case. Am I allowed to say “I told you so”

    • 4

      I think that would be a distinct possibility Cassandra. Thanks for the advice on hotels in Thailand you’re right again, I would hate the circus and have already, one your advice had a look around for a place away from the clinic. I’ve chosen Suporn btw.

      Thanks for adding to the voice of sanity along with k and Elizabeth. Me, I don’t have time for this shit any more. Jane is clearly only interested in views which forward a strange TG/GQ agenda. This is not my reality and career ts stuff is my worst nightmare. I can see why you don’t have TS friends, all the women I know can be trusted not to post tranny rubbish on my wall etc. As I said before if you ever want to talk you can find me on FB. Sane people are hard to find in the tranny nut house.

      The appeasing, the acquiescence and general lovey dovey we’re all part of a lovely tranny spectrum makes me feel sick in my mouth. The begging for imaginary right, sucking up to all sorts of ill informed cis people and mad trannys who would be better off looking for jobs as Les Dawson impersonators. To top it all an obese, phobic, female caricature who strangely seems to think it’s peripheral experience gives it the right to mouth off

      I won’t be back here as I am pretty fucking angry about the revelation that these blogs are on occasion touted around the press. Jane is yet another trans uncle Tom and I have so much more important stuff to do. Unsubscribe.

      • 5

        janefae said,

        well, you probably won’t believe it, but, i will be sorry to see you leave.

        I have no issues with you or anyone else arguing directly against the “trans umbrella” – not least because i have my own reservations about the selfsame brolly, as i will be expressing later.

        However, the main reason you’ve been being chopped of late is the viciousness, the stridency of the language used. It may have passed you by…but cassandra, who is probably the most radical of the three you give your support to, seems to be less chopped than you or elizabeth.

        K, whom you also give favourable opinion to, has only once been cut – and that in respect of a detail she gave out that quite clearly, if inadvertently, outed someone. If she and others can put across a perspective that not all share without going for the jugular, so can we all.

        Uncle Tom? Perhaps: if by that you mean that i believe that to take trans rights forward we need to engage with the establishment, then yes. That applies whether you define trans widely or narrowly, because there is a lot of stuff that is not available for ts men and women yet that should be.

        Career tranny? Like, i make some profit out of being known as trans? Not yet: nor ever, i suspect. I make an annual income from journalism. Out of that, if i get a few hundred from pieces written in respect of trans issues, i’d be pleased. What i do in this respect does not gain me income…and quite possibly loses me friends in other spheres.

        The bulk of my income, right now, comes from writing about subjects related to privacy and climate change.

        Last up…sorry if it is news that some of this blog goes national. Ye-es…buit only those pieces that are labelled as “news feed”…and if you read them, then the disclaimer at the bottom referring to the terms for use should have been a bit of a giveaway. If not that, then certainly the link to the t’s and c’s themselves.

        That’s been there ever since i started to do that: why wouldn’t it be, given that i am a journalist who writes sometimes about trans issues?

        jane x

  4. 6


    I rest my case that this is another case of misogyny by both the Beaumont Society and its transvestites. Do you think an organization that actually represented pre-op transsexuals or women born transsexual would have taken part in such an advert or would have supplied transsexuals for the advert? Absolutely NOT.

    The only people it truly affects are transsexuals because the transvestites go home and pull off their wigs and falsies and go back to being Jack. Transsexuals do not have that option.

    I am continually amazed that transsexuals cannot see that whether cured or pre-op there is absolutely nothing we have in common including the decisions that play into supporting an advert such as this because quite simply everyone understands that the Beaumont Society and its minions are the ones busing in all the transvestites for a day at the racetrack en femme.

    If BS is the acronym used for the Beaumont Society it is accurate because it really stands for the Bullshit society.

  5. 8

    […] journalist Jane Fae covered the story this morning. She also mentioned another story in which a trans woman was cut up and rammed on the […]

  6. 9

    k said,

    I noticed that the BBC are using Janett Scott of the Beaumont as an example of someone with “gender identity disorder” in an interview with Ruby Wax.

    There’s an video interview with Scott at the bottom of a page of pseudo scientific pathologising nonsense about how “gender dysmorphia” can develop into “gender identity disorder”:

  7. 11

    […] few days… worse than the Paddy Power ad made me feel has been the venomous gobshites over on Jane Fae’s blog.  It’s got to the point where even little old cis me with my ‘lack of trans […]

  8. 12

    […] start with Surrey. A couple of days ago I wrote up the story of a trans woman who had been cut up on the M25, suffered minor damage to her car and – more significantly – was then subject to a verbal […]

  9. 13

    k said,


    “K, whom you also give favourable opinion to, has only once been cut – and that in respect of a detail she gave out that quite clearly, if inadvertently, outed someone. If she and others can put across a perspective that not all share without going for the jugular, so can we all.”

    Firstly, I would just like to stress that I had no intention of “outing” anyone but was merely seeking to refute one of the Beaumont press officer’s speciousclaims using information already in the public domain – at least I think that was my unintentional offence.

    Secondly, I would like express my dismay at the kind of personal attacks being made on people’s appearance, sanity etc on this blog. There do need to be some rules.

    The accusations of being a career TS and Uncle Tom seem most unfair – though you don’t need me to defend you.

    • 14

      janefae said,

      Hey! No need to worry. I don’t think it was that particular post…so maybe i shifted something else. However, the operative word in what i wrote was “inadvertent”: you posted something that you could not know might just cause concern to an individual. They e-mailed me to point out their concern. I dealt with it.

      In other words, it was meant as brownie point for you!

      You are a good example of a person with views that are not always the views of the majority – but who nonetheless communicates those views with sincerity and without personal viciousness. A perfect guest, basically. 🙂

      jane xx

  10. 15

    David said,

    I think the management’s reaction reflects rather well on them and frankly I think it would be beneficial to name them.

  11. 16

    I is willing and ready massa

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