In a paddy over ad scripting

Confirmation today that the transgender organization consulted in advance of the controversial Paddy Power Ladies’ Day campaign – and also shown a copy of the proposed script – was the Beaumont Society. However, according to Janet Scott for that organization, the script eventually used is NOT the one that she was shown.

The script seen by Ms Scott and apparently dating to 11 January of this year read:

“Mark Fairfax wrote on our Facebook wall: Looking forward to seeing some beauties at Cheltenham Ladies Day.

“That’s the spirit Mark. And we’re going to make things even more exciting for you…


“…by sending ten of the most beautiful transvestites into Ladies Day.”

According to Janet, she could see little harm in this. The campaign was presented to her as support for a Paddy Power phone app, and she fed back that she saw nothing untoward with the concept: personally, though, she felt the phrase ‘Transgenderd Ladies’ would work better than ‘Crossdressing Ladies’ or ‘Transvestite’.

This, she felt, was not inappropriate, since the entire campaign would be a tongue-in-cheek look at the Ladies Day’s at race meeting where these day’s a large number of crossdresser’s make a day of it, with bus trips from the Way out club and others.

However, all changed over the next ten days or so, as in the version of the ad that was put out by Casting Agency, Beach Casting the final phrase in the above lines had been amended to read:

“by sending ten of the most beautiful transgendered ladies into Cheltenham!”

It is likely that the involvement of the Beaumont Society will be regarded in some parts of the trans community as unhelpful – not least because a large part of the defence of this ad, by Paddy Power and others, rests on the fact that it was previewed by a leading transgender organization.

Trans Media Watch contacted broadcasting pre-approval organization, Clearcast yesterday with an offer to engage rather than – at this moment – to register any official complaint.

The concern is that Clearcast are another media organisation which knows very little about trans issues, and do not appreciate either the sensitivities in this area, or the danger that people can be placed in as a result. TMW are therefore offering to meet with them to see how they can best raise their awareness in order to prevent this kind of ad from creeping through in the future.

Beaumont Soc comment

A spokeswoman for the Beaumont Society said: “The script showed a light hearted look at a ‘Ladies Day at the Races’ where some of the Ladies are not always quite what they seem.

“I had suggested that the Ladies would be better described as ‘Transgender Ladies’, rather than Transvestites.

“The original script showed a voice over saying ‘Woman’, ‘Man’, when images of Ladies were shown, with the voice over getting more confused until he could not tell one from the other of which were Women or Transgenderd women.

“The script had been changed slightly when it was filmed, it seems.

“In principle it was not thought to be offensive or degrading at that stage.”

Clearcast response

This morning, Clearcast responded. A spokeswoman said: “Clearcast has approved an ad for Paddy Power featuring references to transgendered people. Ads cannot be approved if they are felt likely to cause widespread general offence. In this case Clearcast took the view that the humour, while not to everyone’s taste, fell short of causing such offence.

“In reaching this view, Clearcast took into account the fact that the advertiser had sought a view from the Beaumont Society (a body run by and for those who cross dress or are transsexual) which did not find the script idea offensive. We regret any offence that may have been caused by this Paddy Power ad.”

jane xx

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  1. 1

    k said,

    Ze Beaumont Society strikes again!

    “The original script showed a voice over saying ‘Woman’, ‘Man’, when images of Ladies were shown, with the voice over getting more confused until he could not tell one from the other of which were Women or Transgendered women.”

    What planet are they living on where you give press interviews about conversations on confidential helplines and “passing” this ad as not transphobic and misogynist. Janett may not find being called a “man” offensive but can she really be so stupid as to think others would not.

    This is essentially no different to the Sun’s “tran or woman” quiz which is deeply offensive. Of course, if they had stuck to the original script then it would have been obvious that it was transvestites being referred to. Unfortunately, “transgendered” is much more ambiguous.

    Perhaps Janett should have suggested the “transgendered” air traveller (who appears in the photos of “Joanna Darrell”, the Beaumont “spokeswoman”) was sent to Ladies day instead. Is it just me who finds this misogynistic?

    These out of control characters need to “wise up” and “shut up”:

    • 2

      janefae said,

      Agreed that my own first thought was misogyny as opposed to pure transphobia:

      jane xx

      • 3

        Seems to me the transvestites are the misogynists. They are the ones putting women in the position of being judged for their femininity and femaleness. If there were no transvestites, oops transgendered, at the races this would not be an issue. Besides, it is not misogyny when it is a man in a dress which is exactly what a transvestite is. I am unsure what it is when a man makes fun of a transvestite in a dress. Is that transphobia or utter shock.

        Maybe the transvestites should stay home and let the real women enjoy a day at the races but then of course the transvestites are “real” women just ask them.

      • 4

        k said,

        Yes, there is a highly unpleasant mixture of both transphobia and misogyny here.
        It does show how out of touch and insensitive the Beaumont are that they could say this was inoffensive.

        However, I was also asking whether anyone found else thought the following photograph of a “transgendered traveller” might be at all misogynist?

      • 5

        Under laws enacted in some areas in the United States that idiot can walk into a ladies room to pee. He is a rather well know transvestite that flies across the US that way on business I gather. I believe he is from the Phoenix Arizona area.

        In one case he was allowed to travel in a bra, panties, heels, and hose on US Airways while another US Airways flight refused a black football player because his jeans rode too low.

        If a woman dressed like that she would not be allowed to board the plane because she was traveling in her underwear but some pathetic pervert transvestite can. Oh excuse me some transgender “woman” can because after all we are required by law to use female pronouns and accept “that” into a ladies room unless we want to face a $2500 fine and a year in jail in Massachusetts.

      • 6

        pollik said,


        Transvestites are not just men in dresses. They are (usually men) who wear the clothes of the opposite sex and they do so for a wide variety of reasons, one of which is as release for their ‘non male’ feelings. For me, that puts them firmly under the broad transgender umbrella and, yes, a potential victim of transphobia. Some men wear womens clothes and don’t identify as transvestites (see my link below).

        I would love to ask you what you understand by “real women”, or just “women” come to that. It is an issue that has exercised some great minds over the centuries. Certainly, after 15 years study, I haven’t found a consistent definition that fits everyone who identifies that way. It seems to be one of those things that everyone ‘knows’ but no one can satisfactorily explain.

        It really does seem to me that it might be you that is the transphobe here, with derogatory remarks about a very large group about whom you appear to know very little. It is not really any different, in principle, from the BNP irrationally hating black people or fundamentalist christians think that all gay people should be put to death.

        @K Why would that photo be seen as misogynistic? It looks like a man wearing women’s clothes. Wow. A little unusual, but no more than that. I can show you another man who wears women’s clothes, who also collaborates with Pink Therapy, attended the same Trans Camp as TMW and has a fine collection of vintage tractors. Interesting man to talk to, if you get the chance.

        I do, however, agree that the BS and Janette Scott have made a big mistake on this occasion, and compounded it by not coming clean early on. However, I do not agree that the mistake has its roots in transphobia and mysogyny…which is what I see in your posts,

      • 7


        I have plenty of experiences with transvestites. My first husband was one and he lied to me because he knew of my history. I knew the propensity for some men to think a kid like me might understand them better because I was born transsexual. I know everything about the devious little worthless worms. I divorced him a California heartbeat despite the threats he aimed at me because of my history.

        Transvestites abuse their wive by the very act they enjoy. The few wives that stay with these assholes are either too weak to leave or so bullied they are fearful of leaving. What all those assholes need is a weekend en femme in the men’s holding cells in London. It might cure them or scare the shit out of them so they would stay home.

        The entire transgender agenda is the legalization of transvestites and what you get with these misogynist nitwits is the Paddy Power uproar. They are not women. They are men and as such should be addressed as such. They have the luxury of playing girl and then returning to their male bastions where we women are not allowed.

        Transvestites and the Transgender nimrods have misrepresented what transgender means. In the US the vast majority believe it means transsexual and believe me nobody says otherwise because if you think any legislative body would pass “transvestite” rights bills you are sadly mistaken.

        They are men. They will always be men. They want to stay men and I will never gender them female.

  2. 8

    I think I may have spotted a couple factual errors in this post Jane. Janet von Scott is not ‘a lady’. He’s a bloke in a frock, even looks a bit like Emily Howard. The fact that it behaves like a bloke and sounds like a bloke is a bit of a give-away. KNOW YOUR ENEMY…

    I do hope I ‘bump’ into Mr von Scott at some point but think that would be somewhat unlikely as I don’t hang out with pervert tranny men and sleaze around the Wayout pick up joint. I live in hope.

    ‘Trans Media Watch contacted broadcasting pre-approval organization, Clearcast yesterday with an offer to engage rather than – at this moment – to register any official complaint.’
    Oooh I feel safer already. TMW are on the case appeasing by default, providing the ignorance excuse to Clearcast.
    Have you ever seen that film Dogma. Remember the Shit Monster, sort of reminds me of the whole media circus.

    Clear separation of genuine transsexual people from the hotchpotch of men who fetish dress and trannys jumping onto the TS bandwagon to try to gain some legitimacy for their kink.

    These are the enemy along with the BS. There is NO common ground.

    When is everyone going to accept that the TG thing is artificial, pointless and damaging to the people who really are vulnerable.

    • 9

      pollik said,

      Sophie…did you forget your medication?

      I read your post three times to see if I find anything on which to agree with, fact or opinion, not bothered which.

      It does seem to me that you have a very narrow perception of trans and gender theory, as well as being generally antogonistic and offensive…is that an approach that you find works well in persuading people to agree with you?

      It appears that despite being decades post GRS, I have more in common with the BS and Jeanette Scott (who has identified as transgender for many years now) than I do with you.

      How ironic.

      • 10

        Scott is a transvestite who stated in a documentary, “why should I give up my penis when it gives me such pleasure”, and you identify as having more in common with that idiot? He is a male heterosexual transvestite. Nothing wrong with that unless you try and represent transsexuals which the Beaumont does are rather shoddy job of.

        But then you are correct Scott has identified as “transgender” but then transgender is just a code word for transvestite isn’t it?

        The only people that are antagonistic and offensive are men in dresses, transvestites, claiming to be women and forcing actual women to face possible scorn and scrutiny at a Race day because they enjoy a day en femme at the racetrack. Just a pathetic bunch of wankers.

      • 11

        Where to start, hmmm. Well I’m a bit busy at the moment so I’ll have to be brief.

        First answer – No.

        Do you really think I give a fuck what someone like you agrees or disagrees with? Not really, you sound like a GQ idiot.

        No, you have a very limited grasp of comprehension. My definition of transsexual is somewhat limited to people who have or are in the process of transition and doesn’t include any old tranny who dons a frock as the mood takes him and then expects me to call him Janet and she. I no longer care about persuading anyone, why should I? Did I claim to be a ‘trans activist’?

        Janet Scott is a man, get over it. There is no such thing as a trans gender. Gender does not trans. Go ahead stick with the tranny men at the BS, it speaks volumes for you.

      • 12

        pollik said,

        Yup. transphobia and mysogyny alive and well. 🙂 And blind to their own antagonistic and offensive qualities, also. Right up there with religious fundamentalists and the BNP.

        I learned a long time ago that you cannot have rational conversation with irrational bigots. Have fun.

  3. 13

    Lesley Smith said,

    Regardless of how who identifies with what group. Comments by ‘Paddypower’ in that disgusting ad, now have us at each others throats due to one member of the Transgender Community making ‘an error’ of judgement. Although Ms Scott does not represent the whole of the Transgender Community, she made what she thought was an informed response to a previously; ‘presented for approval’ script.
    But. . .that’s not to say I agree entirely with Ms Scott, I don’t!!!
    As Ms Scott is not a “person of authority,” who is speaking for the whole of the transgender community. Other groups should have been made privy to the same script, prior to it being shown. But that would still not have stopped the substitute script replacing the approved one. This despicable act would still have caused the offence that it has. But falling out & quarrelling with each other is giving ammunition to such idiotic bigots & nigh on giving them a green light to do it again. Don’t let these idiots cause divisions between us!!!
    I am a fully out Transsexual woman & I make no divisions or judge other groups, or individuals. However some see themselves, whether they call themselves; Cross-dressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals, Transgender etc; Please, please, lets stop fighting amongst ourselves & stand united on this to deal with the real threat of bigoted, ignorant individuals who haven’t a clue about who we truly are. By turning on each other, we only give the prejudiced bigots & haters more encouragement to do it again. United we stand, divided we fall. I wish to stand united, who will stand with me?

    • 14

      pollik said,

      I will, Lesley. And hopefully I will learn from today. I have always found it difficult to walk away from discussions like these and I am old enough to know better, having taken the bait too many times before. :/

  4. 15

    […] has also transpired that in an apparent collusion with the Beaumont Society, who are doing well with own goals at the moment, they’ve arranged for numerous transgender […]

  5. 16

    Liz Church said,

    Jane, while you’re busy, are you aware that your blog sneaks down the pub for a few with the lunchtime drunks? 😉

    • 17

      pollik said,

      lol Liz!

      I need to learn not to feed the trolls, but I get suckered every time. Sorry. :/

      • 18

        You’re very good at labelling the phobics and bigots pollik (is that your real name btw?). Perhaps you do live in a freaky TG world where trannys dressing up in misogynistic outfits clearly goes over your head but I have actually been a victim of their vile and perverse behaviour and nothing you can say will convince me that they are simply men exercising a very male kink. I have lost count of the insensitive bullshit and inappropriate sexual advances I had to fight off in the brief time (at the start of my transition) I did the ‘trans’ scene.
        Perhaps they neglected to mention in your exhaustive 15 of research that they are fond of following people into toilets and assuming that everyone in a skirt wants their grotty pensionable hand shoved up their skirt?
        Perhaps you even think that the term transsexual should be open to any TG weirdo who once wore his wives knickers?
        What is the weather like on your planet?

    • 19

      Jakarta Wagner said,

      LOL Spot on Liz 😉

  6. 20

    Jenny said,

    Oh joy, a Beaumont officer strikes again. I’ll stick by my defence of their grass-roots work, but one does rather get the impression that some urgent re-education is required in their upper echelons.

  7. 21

    Manxminx said,

    Jane, is there any way you can please remove the offensively transphobic comments from your blog and ban certain people from replying in future.

    No matter what we think of the BS or it’s members, it’s no excuse for the disgusting comments I am reading here.

  8. 22

    Jakarta Wagner said,

    Wow , there are some really hateful comments here.

    I’m a transsexual woman, and I don’t have an issue with anyone else under the transgender umbrella.

    Its not just about TV’s but gender queer people and those who don’t fit easily in to one box or another. We are very different , but equal , the same as anyone…
    One day the transsexual community will stand on its own two feet , but thats a long time down the road yet.

    I would be a lot more likely to listen to the opinions of people like elizabeth1945 & Lesley Smith if they weren’t so hateful and hysterical about the issue of TS people. They seem to deeply hate men too.

    • 23

      Lesley Smith said,

      Hi Jakarta, it’s not so much intended as hateful on my part. More so giving as good, if not better than I got, which I didn’t deserve or ask for. I just tried to calm tension & unite people to stand strong together. But I got turned on by a self opinionated pompous full of her own s#*t individual, who obviously can’t have a discussion without spouting poisonous abuse. So I gave both barrels back.There are indeed a multitude of different gender variant people who regard themselves as ‘Transgender.’ The individual I clashed with didn’t write the rule book. I wasn’t aware one existed. But when I left the military in 1988, I vowed that nobody would ever tell me what to do again. I stand by that to this day, Its a mean world out there, but its still a free country where we live. I for one, think its a personal thing that we decide for our selves. Nobody can live our lives for us & we’re entitled to call ourselves whatever we like. We certainly should be able to do so without some ‘gender variant tin pot dictator’ who thinks they are the supreme example bar none; telling us what we can & can’t do. So my tirade was a retaliation to abuse I didn’t deserve. Having said all that, I’ve now got down off my soap box & put it away. Feelings are running a bit high. Largely, I believe due to the insulting disgusting behaviour by people at ‘Paddypower, prejudice pillocks extraordinaire.’ I certainly don’t hate men, but I couldn’t eat a whole one!!!
      I am blessed as my lovely lady has stood by me. As I reached the lowest point possible with regard to morale, she phoned for help & set the wheels in motion for my preparations to transition. Without her, I wouldn’t be here today. She’s been my rock & I love her dearly. So from a rock bottom negative, my lovely ladfy helped me get to my feet & produce such a positive upturn, that life is indeed good & now I’m full out to all who know me. My whole neighbourhood & local community have accepted me and so proves that there are good people out there. Those people have been great. On that positive high, I’ll take my leave & wish you allwell. xx

      • 24

        Let me get this right, you a person who has not even begun your transition and you believe you are in a position to ‘calm tension & unite people to stand strong together’. When you’ve actually walked to walk you might be in a position to talk the talk. I have seen a hundred newbies like yourself walk into the trap of thinking they could be of help to all of you poor TS’s desperately in need of your words of wisdom.

        Seriously, you can call me all the names under the sun. Nothing someone like yourself can say could ever touch me. I’m teflon to you. I did do a little prodding around and you claim to work for some ‘trans’ support group. Your group appears to have a link to Stonewall, is this group so incompetent that it doesn’t realise Stonewall is to all intents and purposes a transphobic organisation? They actively deny help to people with trans issues while normalising the term ‘tranny’ in their ‘educational’ material. And James Barrett, do you realise the reputation this man has and his attitude to TS women? Do you think you and your mates are really the best people to be giving vulnerable people advice when you all appear to be a bit on the inexperienced side yourselves?

        If you don’t want people to jump down your throat wait until you understand the issues properly before you put your twopeneth in.

        Not being funny but you are precisely the sort of easily read person who’s life might be impacted by the issues being argued over. Don’t get in a strop simply because you don’t have the experience to understand them.

        I pity you if that is giving someone ‘both barrels’. It’s a bit sad that you quickly flicked to my facebook profile in search of insults. I know it must come as a shock to you but women, born or otherwise, have sexuality and I’m pretty proud of mine.
        I could tell you a few home truths but….. nah 😉

  9. 25

    thewatcherwhowaits said,

    It’s fun watching the arguments rage here….. but I think you all need to get a grip. There is this funny thing called gender theory that some people postulate and skirmishes have been fought over it. However – that’s an academic viewpoint – and as such, the rest of the world live in this little old thing called ‘reality’… which you might have heard of.

    Out there in reality – a wonderful place – there’s probably only a handful of people who understand this theory and discuss it. The rest of the world understands a instinctive concept called xenophobia and with all the theorists pontificating and the the TV’s running around causing trouble, they’re painting everyone with the same brush.

    Get real – the BS is not a TS support group, it’s for TV/CD… there’s no such animal as transgender… TS can’t live as anything other than the identity their brains are wired for and TV/CD, with the best will in the world, are guys…. they even admit it themselves and even say they think TS are the same as themselves – only more so. That just proves that they are sooo wrong; that they have zero understanding of what it’s like for a TS person…

    So get real – see the BS for what it really is… and don’t fall into the trap (that the BS are building) of thinking that there’s no difference between TV/CD and TS… or that there’s a real thing called transgender – neither concept exists.

  10. 26

    I think a LARGE sign needs to be put up here

  11. 29

    Not everything you see on FB is all there is to know Sophie, I am also known as the NightWatchman, with a rare eye condition that means I can only see in VERY dim light, I live in the shadows and watch and learn constantly, not through choice either!. I have been in arguments like this many times, and each time there are no winners only losers.
    People hold the right to hold their own views whatever they are, and no amount of persuasion can make them change unless they are willing, even if it seems that way at the time. You have the right and indeed everyone here does, to express their views and feelings, arguing changes nothing, oh and btw I am a Self Medicating medically diagnosed Gender Dysphoria patient myself, I just don’t advertise it globally, it seems to upset people for some reason.
    Talk and chat all you like, but don’t forget to watch and listen at the same time!, you may just learn a thing or two!

    • 30

      My Personal views on this article
      Ethics and making decisions based within Ethical standards seems to me to have become Unfashionable in the modern Media as a whole, these days if you are different from the so called “Majority” in any way, then Particularly profit making companies see you as an instant Target, when will people learn that if you point a finger at someone, that that finger points in two directions?

    • 31

      Hi David, on second thoughts you actually sound rather interesting. We may talk….

      • 32

        Please do so, Sophie you sound like someone interesting to me too, you are obviously like myself someone who listens and sees with their mind, and has learned a thing or two!,I just hope you have not needed to experience the pain I did during the learning process!, from your comment above, I take it that you have accessed my main FB profile, so please PM me if you wish to talk further!, I look forward to it!

  12. 33

    I have something to say in support of my views which may serve to illustrate one of the many reasons I think the way I do and have done for a number of years.

    I have a “friend” who post SRS sought to get her life into order as we all need to do. She had a strong desire to take up nursing and enrolled in a university course to become qualified. Due to administrative regulations it was necessary for her to reveal her birth details. 20 years ago she would not have needed to go through this traumatic procedure, however changes to legislation in recent years made it impossible for her to keep her secret. So because she wished to nurse she endured. My friend is female feminine in every way and has no problem being accepted as the women she undoubtedly is.

    The university applied continual pressure to force her to be “open” to everyone, fellow students, tutors, doctors nurses everyone she was in daily contact with. My friend persistently resisted and requested her past remain private. They wanted her too be their “poster child” Presumably so they could appear tolerant and benevolent towards such a sad person.

    After a couple of years A tutor relatively new to the college “outed” her in a class. From that moment her life became a pure hell. Students refused to talk to her; papers she had once passed easily were inexplicably marked down. In other words they did everything they could to make sure she did not qualify.

    Now here is the cruncher, not a single person in that college understood why she did not wish to be made a public spectacle and were totally unsympathetic when “outed” Never once chastising the tutor who did it. I would have thought the actions by students and tutors alike would have been illustration enough of why irrespective of her personal reasons of wishing to put medical issues behind her. It turns out the tutor was themselves a regular at the local version of “The Way Out Club” They had been putting it around, behind my friends back, that she was no different to them.

    Now you can all place whatever spin on this you feel you wish too. From my perspective and from where I stand this is a perfect real life illustration of why the message I try to get across is put in such blunt terms. I get no perverse pleasure from denting people’s egos or offending their sensibilities. Transsexuals are fighting for survival here TG militancy, transvestite aggression and insensitivity is damaging us and we are being walked over like we don’t exist.

    Events like “Paddy Power” unthinking actions by transvestite groups like Beaumont are extremely damaging for us. This is why I comment on such issues. As a very good friend of mine has said elsewhere, the transgender identity does not wish to be “cured” but to exist in transition in perpetuity, transsexuals seek to correct nature’s wrong and move on. We seek no additional rights privileges or considerations provided by society not available to those born without this condition.

    • 34

      After reading Cassandra’s post above which puts over precisely the crux of why we (people with a TS history) need separation and demarcation from the TG scene. I can only say that if a group og people constantly told me that they did not wish to be part of my politically inspired grouping then would I really constantly harass them to fall into line.
      The only rights I would be prepared to fight for now are precisely the ones Cassandra has outlined and the right to use the money the NHS wastes on me speaking to psychiatrists at the GIC and poor quality surgery offered in the uk on good FFS and SRS abroad.
      Cassandra, your friend’s experience is a perfect example. I hope with all my heart that things have improved for her. It just seems impossible to get over to the TV/CD, professional TS’s and rose tinted bespectacled newbies that this is how the silent majority feels. I am grateful that I am self employed as it rather looks like I’ll be able to have my surgery later this year and that will be the last anyone hears from me unless anyone foolishly thinks they might try to out me.

      • 35

        Her boyfriend came home early enough, more by luck than judgement, and was able to get an ambulance to her and off to (ironically) hospital, where they pumped her stomach. Thank God she survived. However the college then tried to throw her of the whole course because she was now deemed mentally unstable! She has now moved to a different state and is continuing her studies. For quite separate reasons we no longer communicate. My home situation is such I really cannot have 3D TS friends. Sophie, good luck with your surgery and a word of advice: if you are intending to go to Thailand DO NOT stay at the hotel everyone else does. The circus there will drive you nuts. Stay as far away as practical. (advice from a good online friend of mine who was there recently.

  13. 36

    Rebecca Shaw said,

    I was going to say something, but having read the hateful comments above, I think I’ll refrain from doing so and instead follow the shining example of those of you who have decided not to dignify this thread with reasoned argument. Pathetic!

    • 37

      Hmmm pathetic, I seem to remember you from the TMW page. Wasn’t it you who kept posting that people throw rocks at your house and gang of youths followed you around taunting you.

      I would have thought you’d be the first in line to complain about life being made that little bit harder by people flogging their bingo site or red top rags to the chavs.

      Still no one throws rock at our house or taunts us in the street. We did have a small group of men call us ‘lesbians’ but we rather took it as a compliment.
      Pathetic, Hmmmm

      • 38

        Lesley Smith said,

        Oh wow, so much hate & bitterness thrown at so many for standing by what they believe in & voicing their own opinions. I too am not a fan of the BS either. But have enough decency & civility to, ‘live & let live.’ I suggest you take a look at different organisations before you attempt to knock & rubbish them, when obviously knowing nothing or very little about them.Just as I said before. An idiot I will not argue with, as your expertise in the idiocy field, I can’t compete with. You’re so far up your own rear end, that you think you’re superior to anyone else. You’re without doubt a classic example of a “Paper Tiger.” Pity the fool who will eventually cause their own fall from grace in the end. But then snobs always do. As a day will arise that somebody who won’t argue back with words, will retaliate by other methods. I perish the thought, that you don’t learn the hard way. I REALLY do mean that sincerely. As I wouldn’t wish you harm, regardless of what you think of me I couldn’t give a damn what you think & I have nothing to prove. I would not have resorted to being so outspoken, had you not rounded on me first. I am fully entitled to defend my integrity & uphold my self respect, without the necessity to justify myself. The meaning of which; you would not recognise, if you fell over it. I would never allow someone so pompous & stuck up to walk all over me & I say nothing. Yes both barrels was a polite ‘small arms’ way of saying my piece, without resorting to poison & profanities. I could have been heavier, but then a lady would never retaliate so crassly. You ridicule individuals & what you see as alien organisations you feel threatened by. You really do need a lesson in protocol, manners, dignity & how to talk to people without leaving so many enemies in your wake. Such people who will eventually catch up with you. Again I sincerely hope you come to no harm. I won’t be visiting this thread again, or this forum. Then I have the last word without witnessing & feeling the need to react to an expected ‘vile’ response of garbage & politically crap attitude. That way I can walk away with my head held high. Good luck to you in life, whatever you do!!!

  14. 39

    Well People we have ourselves here a real WIN!!!! the ad has been PULLED by Clearcast!, I repeat we have WON!

  15. 40

    Tamzin said,

    No……It was pulled by the ‘Advertising Standards Authority’……It was Clearcast that actually OK’ed the advert in the first place…..!

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