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The “good girl” rides again

I’ve explored this one before. But today (actually yesterday, now) it seemed to be out and about, doing its utmost to snare me in its seductive coils. What that?

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The grammar of fashion awareness

If cats did art…we-ell, if cats did art, you might imagine dimly lit galleries stocked full of infrared mouse installations. As for dogs. Their artistic endeavours have widely been regarded as a pile of poo. Literally.

And women? (and men?) Read the rest of this entry »

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Social sexual

This is one of those thoughtful posts that has been brewing for a while…and was kick-started into life by a correspondingly thoughtful post (and debate) over on the Bilerico Project. Its about sexual orientation. Again. Which obviously means that its an issue that i worry at (though not about).

Its also about discovering a bit more movement on that front in ways which, hitherto, i might have been experienced as slightly disturbing.

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