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The end of the Olympics… (hurrah!)

Yessss! Today is the last of the nonsense…at least for a day or so until they clear out the Olympic lot and move in the Paralympians.

Which leaves me in something of a quandary. Because on diversity grounds, i guess i’d expect the latter to get at least as much cover as the former. While on purely selfish grounds, i just can’t wait until the whole silly thing is over and no longer dominating the airwaves

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The real exploiters of sex work

I am in two minds about yesterday’s lead article on the BBC website exposing the sham that is and has been the moral panic over trafficking at the forthcoming London Olympics. In two minds because it says pretty much everything i have been saying for nearly three years now, doing so succinctly and powerfully.

Good: nice, warm feeling to have been proven more or less right on what was initially an unpopular point of view. Bad: because suddenly everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon, and no-one remembers the stick some of us took for lighting the way. Read the rest of this entry »

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Olympic profligacy

In case you hadn’t guessed, yet, i’m not a fan of the Olympics. And while a part of that merely reflects a very personal aversion to team sporty things, there is, too, something I find more than a little tawdry, small-minded, about the entire enterprise.

Already, we have had headline-seeking politicians and journalists, on little evidence beyond a hoped-for lift to their own careers, putting weight behind a campaign likely to make the lives of many sex workers just that bit more violent and dangerous over the next couple of months. And now, as the torch – sorry, torches – set off around Britain, comes evidence both of profligacy and…possibly… just a little free-booting along the way. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sex work at the starting line…

It has been a sex work week or two…though nah: this is not an excuse for off-colour joking. Its actually quite – deathly – serious. Read the rest of this entry »

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Enough is enough: and we’ve now had enough of this Olympic farce

The weekend’s news that in order to defend the Olympics, we should now be deploying missile launchers on the top of tower blocks is the final straw.

Military experts wondering which part of London their missile is going to hit
(pic taken from AT&T site)

Because unless the politicians and security bods have been lying to us about risk levels for the past few years, the increased risk represented by the Olympics is beyond acceptable.

It is time to call it a day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Event: The Olympics and Trafficking: Myths and Evidence (Jan)

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