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It had to happen – and when it does, its never from the place you expect it.

Church – touch wood – has so far been remarkably tolerant. Ask me again in 12 months time, but i am increasingly proud of how they have responded to me.

Work has been mostly accepting. There has been a little wariness on the consultancy front – though i put that down to other stuff as well. Consultants wear sensible shoes (and suits) and keep a low profile. I, through my journalistic efforts, get up the noses of government ministers and write about smutty stuff.

Like sex. (that’s a description: not an offer!)

So its a tad unexpected to find a local drama group expressing such concern for my welfare that my participation is no longer required.

Transition, it would appear, is a stressful time: a time best spent in the bosom of my family. They obviously don’t know my family too well. I can think of little more guaranteed to up my stress levels than being confined to home and the tender mercies of my nearest and dearest.

i digress.

It is very confusing. Do they really think i would be better off at home? It might have been worth at least asking me if i thought i would be – as opposed to dropping the results of their deliberation into my lap, all neatly sorted, so i wouldn’t have to bother my little tranny brain with thinking about it.

Transition, tis well known, lowers the individual’s IQ by several tens of points: so best to take decisions for them, rather than ask them stuff any more.

But seriously: do they think i would be better off at home, swigging hormones and de-stressing? Or is this just a very ill badly thought-out excuse for dispensing with my services.

Guess i’ll never know.

(rebuffed, but smiling)


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