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Death becomes her…

How would you like to be know at your funeral? Mostly, i guess, my own answer is much the same as others would give: with respect, and as i have lived.

Which is to say that my own life and my obvious life intentions should be respected and not play second fiddle to anyone else’s issues.

Except: there are some instances – like murder – where stripping away the veneer may be a sad and awful necessity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Press stitch-up (postscript)

So. Just following up the image thing, and i locate an image for Cathy Daniels in the Sun archive – at least i presume this is where i’ve located it.

The url just happens to be:

I’d assunme (I know… always dangerous) that is something to do with that paper.

And i just LOVE the respectful title they’ve given the shot. “trannie_main”

I mean…can’t their picture desk even spell “tranny” properly nowadays.

Still, if that’s how they view such images and the person behind them…as just another “trannie”…then no wonder there is so little respect when it comes to what they publish about trans issues.


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