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Anatomy of a disrespectful press

There’s a rather nasty crime report doing the rounds right now which, sadly, is an easy bandwagon for internet transphobes and armchair “real men” to leap on to. To a lesser extent, it is a vehicle for trans fears, which I think is right, but not necessarily for the reasons enumerated. Read the rest of this entry »


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Only in the Mail? Why the pcc must not allow textual criticism as excuse

Bullying is bad. A bit less bullying at school would be a good idea. Schools that put in place policies and approaches that reduce the incidence of bullying – often based around perceived difference on the part of minorities – should be praised.

All pretty unexceptional ideas. But not, apparently, if you write for the Daily Mail. Read the rest of this entry »

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Richard Littlejohn, Git supreme!

Richard Littlejohn is a git. No shit, Sherlock! In other news today, the Pope just happens to be catholic and bears.. . well, we all know what bears get up to.

So is there any point in highlighting the fact that the man is what Merriam-Webster otherwise define, quaintly, as a “rotter: a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible”? Read the rest of this entry »


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godwin predicts

What is the most inappropriate thing I could post on the daily mail website? I bet readers have a few suggestions they could make.

But tonight, care of my infamous predictive text, I came close to hitting the jackpot. Read the rest of this entry »


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Trans awareness? Why thank you, Paul Dacre

Speaking, yesterday, to a journalist, who is likely to be writing up yet another “incisive” inquiry into trans issues at the weekend – for the Daily Mail, doncha know! – I was amused by one question, one angle he seemed determined to get back to.

Paraphrased – since he definitely didn’t put it this way – it seemed to boil down to: shit! Where are all these trannies coming from? Is it some sort of evil plot by political correct fascistas and money-grubbing clinicians to turn us all gender queer? Read the rest of this entry »


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Political re-assignment surgery

It is not altogether surprising, in an age of increasingly freelanced newspaper production, to find that journalists, in order to make a crust, need to be versatile: one day writing for the vaguely progressive press; the next, rebranding as a right wing bigot for the sake of a salary.

So violent are the gyrations performed that i wonder, at times, if the NHS is not secretly funding political re-assignment surgery, to enable those trapped in a liberal body to discover the true reactionary within.

How else to explain this paean to intolerance, penned in the pages of the Daily Mail, by Liberal Guardianista Carol Sarler? Read the rest of this entry »


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Outing t’tranz: issues of privacy and “public interest”

Those that live by the blog, shall die by the blog – though it is to be hoped, in the case of the trans guy just outed by the Daily Mail, that the end is not quite as literal as that.

He’s been outed – the guy who gave birth to a baby, last year – and it was the Daily Mail that done it. Read the rest of this entry »


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