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News Feed: Swedish asylum failure leaves trans woman at risk of Russian violence

As a Russian trans woman prepares to return to violence or worse if she is expelled from Sweden later this week, that country’s reputation as a less than welcoming place for the trans community is once more in the spotlight. Read the rest of this entry »


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News Feed: French Presidential elections highlight Rights gap for Trans voters in France

As the dust settles on the first round of the French Presidential election this morning, a sharp warning from France’s National Transgender Association (ANT), that discrimination by the French state means that Trans citizens can no longer count on access to that most basic of Human Rights – the right to vote!

According to a spokesperson for the ANT, the problem arises with the refusal of the French government to permit trans individuals to change their civil status without first submitting to significant preconditions. Tens of thousands of trans voters who wish to protect their private life can therefore no longer register for electoral purposes.

Evidence that this issue is very live came as Madame Delphine Ravisé-Giard, ANT’s National Secretary found her attempt to vote last week blocked by officials in Toul in the Meurthe-Moselle Department in the North-East of France.

Despite holding papers from the court of Appeal in Nancy, dated September 2011, recognizing her change of status, and taking with her identity documents and a voting card all amended in line with that judgment, Delphine still found herself blocked from voting because the electoral register had not been updated.

Delphine was eventually allowed to vote – but only after she had been forced to provide detailed and very public explanation of her status to officials present. She has now written to the Mayor of Toul, complaining of her treatment and demanding that the Electoral Register be amended in line with the court’s decision.

In her letter, she talks about the disrespect to her right to privacy. She writes: “I was required to provide detailed explanations, which in turn obliged me to reveal to all those present in the voting station a particular detail concerning my private life. I had to insist forcefully on my right to vote.”

Commenting on this state of affairs, Stéphanie Nicot, spokeswoman for ANT said: “For everyone else in France, voting is a civic duty. For transgender persons simply to exercise their right is a battle. This situation has to change – and fast!”

Jane Fae


Despite the fact that such a situation may be considered a disgrace in a modern democracy, this story reveals little new about what is happening in France, beyond, possibly, a degree of bureaucratic ineptitude in Toul.

The French state continues to resist calls from the EU to recognise the gender status of trans men and women without sterilisation or surgical intervention. Ms Ravisé-Giard has been at the forefront of legal battles to change this attitude – but clearly, even where the courts recognise a change of status, electoral officials are rather slower to put such changes into effect.

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News feed: Berlin authorities endorse forced psychiatric treatment of a transsexual girl

A German child, who has been living as a girl since she started school nearly seven years ago, could be forcibly institutionalised in order to “cure” her transsexualism by encouraging her to take up boyish pursuits. Read the rest of this entry »


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News Feed: MP’s condemn Sun’s intrusion into trans privacy

Concern that the Sun newspaper may have taken its enthusiasm for breaking a news story a step too far found political expression today with the tabling of a parliamentary Early Day Motion condemning its behaviour by Brighton Green MP, Caroline Lucas. Read the rest of this entry »


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News Feed: Landmark report on bisexual discrimination published this week

A major new report documenting the bisexual experience in Britain has found that bisexuals suffer some of the worst mental health problems of any group within the LGB&T spectrum, as well as an “equality gap” Read the rest of this entry »


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News Feed: The Sun responds over trans man story (Exclusive interview)

The Sun newspaper hit back yesterday at claims that it had failed to mend its ways in respect of its treatment of the UK’s trans community, defending its attempts to locate the trans man who had given birth as being “in the public interest”.

Speaking exclusively to Jane Fae, for Pink News, Interim Managing Editor David Dinsmore asserted that restrictions on reporting in this case were in danger of shackling the freedom of the press to report. Read the rest of this entry »


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News Feed: The Sun in the dock over possible breaches of Editors’ Code

As pressure to identify the UK-based trans man revealed by press at the weekend to have had a child, Trans Media Watch today stepped into the fray with a sharp warning to the tabloid press to back off – and to respect the rights of the individuals concerned. Read the rest of this entry »


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