Free dining out! No catch…

I know: I should have mentioned this a lot earlier. However, I happen to have two vouchers entitling the holder to a pretty decent pre-Theatre meal in London’s West End. No scam. No awkward questions asked.

They just happen to be compensation for a pretty egregious (and incompetent) bit of mis-gendering that took place a couple of months back. Have no idea what said vouchers are worth. They entitle the bearer to a two course meal, bereft of side dishes, service charges, desserts and drinks. Still: it does seem to me that if you pick your restaurant right, you could stuff yourself pretty well.

(I know I could! I mean: THREE courses? Eeeyuw!)

Anyway. No catch, beyond that I would like to shift these as a pair, and will hand them out, by Wednesday, in the following order:

– First, if any group getting together for the TDOR tomorrow wishes to raffle these off for a local community project, that’s cool: something either Trans or VAW related. Just get in touch first, so we don’t end up with two groups fighting for the same prize (after all, I saw Highlander…and look at all the trouble THAT caused!);

– Second, if anyone wants to ask for said vouchers and make a small donation to local community project as above (I’m thinking around a tenner), ditto;

– And finally, if neither of the first two happen, then they will go to the first person to write nicely to me, commenting on my general gorgeousness and requesting the vouchers. Oh, well OK: the grovel isn’t ABSOLUTELY necessary. Unless you happen to be into humiliation.

I leave it to the ingenuity of individuals to find me. My e-mail address is out there at numerous locations. Clue: it starts with jane@ . Please let me have a phone number, or be the sort of person who answers e-mails promptly.

So get in touch soon, please. If I have a taker by Wednesday, latest, then I’ll get the tickets out in the post by some sort of signed for delivery…so you should have them by around Thursday/Friday of THIS week, leaving you all of next to go eat.

Jane xx

P.S. Ooops! In case it isn’t clear from the above, the tickets expire on 30 November…so you need to be able to eat them in the next week…

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    pollik said,

    Third…give them to homeless people?

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