Who says chivalry is dead?

An encounter in my local supermarket that brought a happy smile to my lips.

Though it didn’tstart that ausipciously.

Browsing the reduced section..yeah, yeah:i know. But i can never resist a bargain and if you go at the RIGHT time of day, Tesco reduce stuff by up to 90%. Honest!

Anyway. Browsing the reduced section, a guy in front of me steps backward, narrowly avoiding my toes – just as well, as i was wearing flip flops – half turns, then clears off with a “sorry,mate!”

Pffft! Not the sort of encounter guaranteed to cheer. Only then, the OTHER guy, the one who had been stood just off to one side, eyes me up and down. Uh oh, i think to myself, anticipating further grief.

“He called you ‘mate'”, my casual bystander observes, before adding, all serious: “he must be blind”. Not exactly smitten – cause i still regard the male of the species mostly with deep suspicion – but definite warm glow.

Twas nice of him to say,espesh as it seemed to be a propos of pretty much nothing. A random act of niceness, of chivalry, allowing me to proceed off up the superm\rket aisle with a skip in my step and ever so slightly lighter of heart.

Ta muchly, anonymous bloke… 🙂

jane xx


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