Not visiting Pakistan anytime soon…

One of the many joys (?) of the interweb is the wdie variety of applications and tidbits that it will, unprompted, just drop on your doorstep…frequently unasked and unheralded.

For some reason, a link i clicked on Facebook yonks ago now seems to believe that it has permission to deliver, spordaically, to my inbox the details of various enthusiastic and uncouth males who “just can’t wait to meet me”. Oh, yeah…

And another click, or maybe questionnaire, led to the arrival, last week, of my own personal “map of love”. Yay! I cannot wait.

It doesn’t totally disappoint, either. Somewhere in the dim and distant, i must have answered a questionnaire about personal preferences. Some of those were almost certainly of a romantic nature although, in the light of what follows, i don’t ever recollect ticking the box that said “I am a supporter of lgbt rights and i spit on your ayatollahs” – or words to that effect.

No matter. The map is an attempt to paint a picture of where i am most likely to find a soulmate, both in the United States and globally.

For the first, my top 5 states, in order,are:

1. California
2. Massachusetts
3. Maryland
4. New York
5. Delaware

Apart from California, of which i have most definitely heard, this means little to me. They look, on the map,to be mostly up in the top right hand corner which i understand to be a tad more cosmopolitan than the rest of the US. So maybe that’s OK.

Meanwhile, my WORST states are listed as:

1. North Dakota
2. South Dakota
3. Arkansas
4. Wyoming
5. Oklahoma

Huh? I haven’t the faintest, apartfrom the fact that several of these seem to have featured in westerns, including loads of dust, sweaty horses, and unshaven cowboys. But if anyone can tell me why i’m never gonna find love in Dakota,i’d be interested.

At worl level, the list is both predictable albeit, when it comes to good places, slightly puzzling. My top five countries, romance wise, are supposedly:

1. Thailand
2. Switzerland
3. Austria
4. Spain
5. Israel

Again: huh? It sounds like a very peculiar trivial pursuit question…what have Thailand, Switzerland and Israel got in common. Answer: they’re all good places for Jane to find a date. But otherwise, i’m nonplussed. I’ve never visited Thailand and, tbh, it sounds just a tad hot and sticky…

Austria is a good place to eat: but apart from Toblerone (which i bet isn’t even made there any more) my one brief visit to Switzerland was not a success. Spain, i like…and i have had, in my life, two quite intense relationships with Jewish ladies. But i’ve never been to Israel.


On the places NOT to go looking for love, the worst five are:

1. Pakistan
2. Poland
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Malaysia
5. Indonesia

Well, that makes sense, of a sort. Four intensely islamic countries – and one highly Catholic one. Although given the family ties to Poland, its sad that this questionnaire, however flawed, seems to think my own values now are so out of kilter with that country.

Does it mean anything? Probably not. But its always fun to read this sort of thing.

In other (test) news, i am apparently a “Liberal Beauty”, as well as the “girl next door”. My dominant IQ mode is “interpersonal” – and i am 62% feminine,with a satisfyingly measly 20% masculine bringing up the rear. I am also, apparently, “very kinky”…but you can’t believe everything these tests tell you!

Jane xx


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