Event: Next Steps – Developing LGBT Ministry (June)

Date: 23 June 2012, 10.00-17.00
venue: St. Anne’s Church, 55 Dean Street, Soho, W1D 6AF

A day workshop for Christian communities in and around Soho and beyond!

For pastoral ministers, leaders, and all persons interested in LGBT ministry

How can communities respond compassionately and faithfully to the gifts, needs, and life experiences of LGBT people and their families?

What skills, knowledge, and talents are needed to address LGBT issues in church environments?

What role can you play in building bridges between faith communities and those who feel alienated and ostracized because of sexual orientation or gender issues?

This day of prayer, presentations, dialogue, and planning is designed to assist those seeking ways to include LGBT people and issues in their home parishes, schools, or other ministerial settings. Even if you are a person in the pews and not a professional minister, this program can help you discern what your “next steps” are in this area.

All interested in learning about LGBT programs are invited
to participate. If you don’t have a program, come to learn how to initiate one. If you have already begun a program, come to develop the next steps. If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered person, family member or friend who just wants to learn about these issues, come to find out ways that you can make a difference.

No pre-requisite knowledge or experience is needed other than a
willingness to listen, reflect, and share. Through presentations and discussions, participants will develop ideas into a plan of realistic and feasible actions to put into practice in the weeks and months ahead.

The facilitator will be Francis DeBernardo, Executive Director of New Ways Ministry, USA.

Fee: £10.00 incl. refreshments – bring & share lunch
Pre-booking essential – Closing date: 20 June 2012


SMPC, PO Box 24632, London E9 6XF


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