Interesting (on the religious front)

Now there’s interesting. Below, i have reproduced pretty verbatim a release from the Board of America Magazine – which is perhaps the US’ leading catholic weekly publication.

Huh? Why so. Well – and i am pretty sure this is known, so hardly problematic – Matt also, as a Deacon, assisted at a couple of Soho Masses while completing his theological studies at Heythrop College.

The latter, for those not up on such things, are the Bishop of London’s attempt to maintain an open line to London’s lgbt community.

So here goes. The following is an official press release from America (er, the magazine):

Matt Malone, SJ, Appointed Editor-in-Chief of America Magazine

Father Matt Malone, new Editor-in-Chief of America Magazine

Youngest Editor-in-Chief in Publication’s History to Lead Nation’s Only Catholic Weekly Magazine

(New York, N.Y., June 5, 2012) — For over a century,America, the only national Catholic weekly magazine in the United States, has provided a provocative and distinctly Jesuit voice on religion, society, politics and culture. That proud history continues today as America’s board of directors named Matt Malone, SJ its newest and youngest editor-in-chief.

Father Malone, 40, who assumes his appointment in October, succeeds Drew Christiansen, SJ, who has served as America’s editor-in-chief since 2005. Father Christiansen will be on sabbatical for the next year, serving as a visiting scholar in theology at Boston College. In January 2014, Father Christiansen will assume a senior academic appointment at a leading Jesuit university.

Father Matt Malone, America’s newest editor-in-chief, served for two years as an associate editor for the publication from 2007-2009, where he covered foreign policy and domestic politics and earned a first place award from the Catholic Press Association for a moving essay recounting his father’s decision to forgive the man responsible for Father Malone’s brother’s death in a drunk driving incident in 1984.

Earlier in his career, Father Malone served as deputy director of MassINC, an independent political think tank, and co-publisher of CommonWealth, an award-winning review of politics, policy, ideas and civic life. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a Master’s Degree in philosophy from Fordham University and a graduate degree in theology from Heythrop College in Great Britain and The Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

“We are pleased to welcome Father Matt Malone back home to America, a place that’s meaningful to him both as a journalist and a Jesuit. A talented writer and editor, he is uniquely qualified to help lead America into its next century,” said Albert C. Pierce, chair of the Board of Directors of America Press, Inc.

John Schlegel, SJ, President and Publisher of America,added, “As the 14th editor in America’s 100-year history, Father Malone knows he has big shoes to fill, and we’re confident that he will exceed all expectations.”

About his new role, Father Malone said, “I’m honored by this appointment and grateful to be able to return to America. The publication has a storied tradition and is well positioned for a bright future. America’s mission has never been more relevant. Questions of faith and culture, democracy and Catholicism – the very questions that America has explored for more than a century – will continue to dominate the public argument. I look forward to continuing the conversation.”

Father Schlegel also praised the contributions of current editor-in-chief, Father Drew Christiansen, noting his leadership through a period of major transition, including instituting a new board of directors comprised of Jesuit and lay trustees, expanding America’s web presence and leading the publication through its centennial celebration in 2009.

Mr. Pierce noted Father Christiansen’s important role: “America magazine has always been committed to ideas and to rigorous and civil dialogue, and Father Christiansen championed both during his seven years leading the publication. From politics to social justice to foreign affairs, he challenged America’s readers to consider the most important issues of the day and, in the process, created a platform for faith and freedom.”


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    just another tranny said,

    And yor point is????

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    Theo Cuppier said,

    I may be wrong but I think this is the very charming man Sue and myself spoke to briefly just outside the police cordon one lovely afternoon in London.

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