Event: Meaning in Diversity (may)

This project is about the creation of an electronic book of 6 chapters:

– Common Humanity
– Celebrating Diversity
– Language of the Heart
– Forgiveness
– Leading Life in a way that generates peace
– Love

You can join this project by submitting a piece of art, music or writing about one of the subjects. There is no academic requirement – this is about every person having access to this project – writing about what their journey with the subjects is like for them. We would welcome submissions from young and old, those with faith journeys and those without. It can be a one line thought or a longer paper, a poem or a song – there is no end to the creativity.

Purpose of the project: To bring people from all walks of life together on subjects that can speak to all of us at some point in our lives. To create a book that does not come from one person or one part of society, but joins us across the boundaries that are so often put in place.

The deadline date for submissions is now extended until 31 May 2012.

For details of how to submit, drop a line to communalvoices@river-of-life.org.uk or call Rev Catherine Dearlove on 07870 805404.

It is as simple as sharing your thoughts with others. Come on……join in and be part of ‘Meaning in Diversity’


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    debzmaher said,

    Hmm i am sorely tempted to give it a go – but which chapter to go for – guess my life experiences can probably fit into 5 of those 6 easily – if i write something can u check it for me – long time since i have written anything that might be useful to someone

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