Hot academics…

I don’t always agree with Quiet Riot Girl (@Notorious_QRG on twitter). But i don’t always disagree, either. And sometimes, even when (says me!) she is wrong, she sparks a good debate.

As today, linking to footage of Judith Butler addressing Occupy Wall St last year, she comments: “She may have lost her theoretical edge, but Judith Butler still looks good in leather”.

Soz, qrg: as far as i am concerned, JB still rocks and keeps on rocking as far as theory goes.

But i’m with you on the leather thing. And on the non-leather thing, she being the academic most likely to inspire instant girlcrush over at Jane Fae central.

Still, it also left me thinking about academics and how, for the most part, they are “supposed to be”grungy, unfashionable, unattractive geeky types. Which, like every cliché is so obviously untrue, but…with tongue firmly in cheek…also led me to ask who rock, both academically (and in leather).

And is it possible to come up with a Hot Ten of current writers, thinkers, academics?

That sounds like two definite votes, so far, for Ms Butler – and i’d also like to note a very definite nul points for Linda Papadopoulos, on the grounds that she doesn’t count AND her pr agency never came clean on whether she had her own pics photo-shopped (despite the fact that she has fulminated in government circles against that very practice as damaging to young girls).

jane xx


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  1. 1

    I nominate Dr Matt Lodder, a ‘heavily tattooed’ art historian and a lovely man:

  2. 2

    I think Jacqueline Rose is attractive (not my type but I can see she has a good face):

  3. 3

    I hope this won’t make her uncomfortable, but the lovely Lisa Downing, currently at Exeter, definitely deserves a mention.

  4. 4

    Ruth said,

    Sandy Stone! She had an orgasm on stage during her keynote speech at the Gender, Bodies and Technology conference in Virginia last week. Was it real? Well, that’s up for debate…and also not really the point (the point being that it *could* have been real).

    • 5

      janefae said,

      Wow! Puts the goings on at Onscenity into perspective. Incredibly incredibly tame by comparison. 🙂

      jane xx

      • 6

        Ruth said,

        Depends how you look at it, I suppose. This was after Stone psychically “transferred” her clitoris to the palm of her hand.

  5. 7

    Jeanne said,

    I’m working on Lisa to do help organize the 2014 benefit for ? fet prof pin up calendar… anyone else think it a good idea? Dibs on photographer/ designer btw, so back off…

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