Enough is enough: and we’ve now had enough of this Olympic farce

The weekend’s news that in order to defend the Olympics, we should now be deploying missile launchers on the top of tower blocks is the final straw.

Military experts wondering which part of London their missile is going to hit
(pic taken from AT&T site)

Because unless the politicians and security bods have been lying to us about risk levels for the past few years, the increased risk represented by the Olympics is beyond acceptable.

It is time to call it a day.

“What? What?” I hear you splutter, Major-General Bloodnok and Colonel Blimp. “This is treason!”

Unacceptable risk

But actually no. It the least commonsense deconstruction of what’s just been proposed, combined with my own personal response to the arrogant elitism of some military twonk rolled out to defend the decision on Jeremy Vine today.

Let’s start with the security risk. Either the risk to London is much the same. Or its just gone up massively on account of the Olympics. If its much the same – to wit, so high as to necessitate having big missile pointy things trained on our skies at all times – then we’ve been lied to, pure and simple.

Cause we should have had big pointy things out there the past couple of years, and we didn’t.

On t’other hand, if we didn’t need them and now we do. We-ell, that means that in the view of the professionals, our hosting the Olympics has significantly increased the risk that someone will drop a plane on London. Oh, thank you!

Macho policing

But of course, its not their fault. And besides, since that is the risk we are dealing with, it would be giving in to terror to not do everything homicidal, suicidal or just generally fungicidal to prevent the terrorists from having their dastardly way.

So pointing out the failings in the current plans is either unpatriotic or as one military guy with an obvious distaste for democracy pompously put it on Jeremy Vine this lunchtime: if you oppose such measures you are obviously not sane!

Mmmm. I suspect there is a space for him in a junta somewhere, should he need to retire soon for any reason.

I digress. This “we’ll never give in” macho posturing has led to some true violence and whilst there is always a police spokesperson out there to blame the bad guys, the truth is that it is also made worse by a particular style of policing.

Well remembered from my anti-Nazi days, were marches by the National Front. Us lefties assembled. The police penned us in. Then – because their command stated officially that the police never gave up control of the streets, they took the fascists thru the centre of the lefties. Much nastiness ensued, all in the name of police teaching people a lesson.

Failure to calculate risk

So, here. Its a simple calculus. Risk to london without Olympics = x. Risk to London plus Olympics = x + delta, where delta represents a threat sufficient to necessitate the militarisation of our capital.

Presumably delta is not small. So it comes with considerable risk and cost implications – let alone the damage already done to our democratic processes which is implicit in sticking big pointy things on top of council blocks without planning permission.

The lessons of (film) history

Last up, has no-one in the military watched “Con Air”. As fans of that minor late night film icon, starring Nicholas Cage and John Malkovich, may remember, a key element of the plot was a US Air Marshall who brought a hand gun onto a plane full of convicts, in opposition to official guidelines, in order to protect himself and keep the cons in order.

Unfortunately, when it all kicked off, he was overpowered, his gun seized and then used to shoot him with.

I think this is relevant. Because if i were a terrorist, i wouldn’t necessarily do the SAME things every time. In fact, doing different things seems like its much more in tune with modern terroristing. Now one thing i’d dearly love is my own portable missile launcher in the heart of London.

Course, getting it in, getting it to the top of a tower block, assembling it. These are all difficult tasks.

But what if the Brits conveniently did all that stuff for me. Then all i would need to do is take control of the location. Lemme see: two squads…first, a bunch of suicide bombers who would get close enough to the action, then detonate, thereby taking out most of those defending the installation.

A second team would operate the big gun thing…and a third team, if necessary, would hold off any attempts to recapture the emplacement just long enough for me to swivel the weapon round and take out the House of Commons.


jane xx


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Martha said,

    I do not want to give radicalized freelance troublemakers any ideas but there are many versions of how this can be exploited. It is just wrong kit for urban environment.

  2. 2

    Caroline said,

    The moment the halfwits heard that they had WON the olympics for britain All correct capitals btw) I let out a loud groan knowing this would be a stupid hazardous waste of energy bringing disruption to those working in the south and infinite security problems…

    Surely I am not the nay one who could see this in a microsecond!!!!!!?

  3. 3

    Caroline said,

    nay = only!

    Ooops just so angry at this olympian pile of s**t we have been landed with.!

  4. 4

    just another tranny said,

    whadda bunch of whinney, complaining, pansies!

  5. 5

    Rebecca Ashling said,

    I rather suspect one of Mr Cameron’s chums gets commission on each launcher sold and we all know that Mr Cameron is always willing to help out a pal in a pinch.

  6. 6

    Paula.. still alive, listed missing.. TransPanther said,

    ffs.. as somebody very nearly blown up on London Bridge station in the early 90’s.. Excuse me.. precisely WHAT terrorist “threat” are we hoping to “protect” anybody from? More “false flag” murders perhaps? The danger to the citizens (yeah..insert laugh now) of the UK is this posturing militaristic neo-facist junta which has been allowed to continue in power…

    Honestly.. I reckon you could cause total chaos with a well placed stone in the points at North Wembley Junction at rush hour!!!

    Add to this the armed police at every major station these days, and snipers on rooftops overlooking every demonstration.. illegal arrests for breaking no law.. you think you live in a free country?.. I’m going to quote my ex East German friend who went home after being stopped and searched and then detained overnight too any times to undergo a grilling from immigration shills (Germany happens to be an EU country.. or have immigration forgotten that?).. “This is worse than Gremany in the 70’s.. it’s not free country here”

    I’m angry.. angry that it’s considered necessary to throw billions away on something which will actually do economic harm.. the olympics have been proven to depress the general tourist income everywhere they have been held for the last 30 years. I’m angry that our laughable freedom of speech is curtailed and we are not allowed to voice any objection at all to the squandering of our money on some sports entertainment for rich people. £25 billion goes a long way.. doesn’t it neo-liberal retards?.. when you have poor and virtually destitute people out on the streets and whole sections of society under direct threat of something which is only very thinly veiled genocidal “cuts” mania… But oh no.. lets throw a heap of money away on this crap because it allows us to pull the wool further and further over the eyes of the idiot media consumers that “we are protecting you from some imaginary towlheads”.. who , you know.. if they exist.. might just have a SMALL GRUDGE about the hundreds of thousands of their families and countrymen murdered by our terrorist activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.. maybe???

    Too bloody right we need protection, but it’s not from some CIA funded Arabs.. it’s from the Junta we have in Westminster.. THEY are the “real and present danger” to the citizens of the UK.. Did we hve paramilitary armed police on the streets when the IRA were really blowing things up and killing people?.. errrr..NO!! I suggest it’s US.. the actual citizens, that this unelected junta are scared of.. which raises an interesting question.. When a “government” feels it is so illigitimate that it needs to put the army (basically thats what armed police are) on the streets to keep the citizens in check.. where has democracy gone?

    Theres a piece for you Jane if you fancy getting REALLY political.. 350 or so deaths (mostly unexplained and nobody ever charged with anything) in police custody in the last decade.. How many British citizens killed in terrorist attacks in the same period? .. Can we have some protection (I want a SAM2 misslie) from the clearly dangerous police?

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