Why does GPS hate me?

For the last 48 hours or so, i have been over at Brunel University. Since you ask: taking part in, presenting a paper at and running the blog plus press and publicity for the landmark Onscenity conference which aims to address issues of the increasing visibility of sex and sexuality in new media.

That’s where i’ve been. So how come my GPS is adamant that i am currently located somewhere in the middle of Hillingdon cemetery?

Yeah, yeah. Its sunday afternoon: the graveyard shift. Maybe my GPS is trying to tell me something. But i doubt its that subtle.

I first noticed it doesn’t like me one night in Milton Keynes. That was the time it attempted to turn me left over the top of a bridge to do a James Bond style car leap onto the road before.

Sensible only if you ignored the impact – the quite literal impact, in fact – likely to result from my hitting the road some fifteen or so feet below.

Then came my journey down to the event itself.

Once more, my GPS lied, leading me a merry dance round the M25 and suggesting that i turn left on a small road that lay somewhere between junctions 16 and 17. Yep. That road existed. The fact, though, that it was barred by a gate and clearly was NOT a turning off from the motorway seems to have escaped my GPS.

So. What’s it all about? Just the natural inaccuracies of this system? Teething problems?

Or does it just hate me? For now, the jury is out – though i am ever so slightly leaning toward the latter.

jane xx


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  1. 1

    Caroline said,

    Help! I now want to change my TOM TOM since they want a fortune to update the maps which we know will still be out of date when we arrive…

    What kind of devilish device is trying to kill you, cos I don’t want to buy one of those. I have found one for sale which sensibly lets you update maps while you still own the device, this is very appealing.

  2. 2

    Caroline said,

    Jane, do you fear legal reprisals for letting me know which device is giving you such trouble?

    • 3

      janefae said,

      sorry…hadn’t realised you were definitely seeking advice. Its the navigation package that came with my HTC sensation. Haven’t the faintest, beyond that, what it is…and since i’m not actually paying out anything extra for it, i tend to recognise that it came free, so i can hardly complain if it occasionally glitches.

      The main problem with it/the HTC generally seems to be that sometimes it sticks and i have to reboot. Since i use gps often when i’m in strange territory late at night, that’s a real pain.

      jane x

      • 4

        Caroline said,

        Thanks Jane. I will risk my money on the one which does not think I am a cash cow willing to pay ten times the cost of the toy for map updates! Now I shall get lost….

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