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Doncha just love a certain sort of religious extremist? (Ed: er, no!). Its not just the extremity, so to speak: but the sheer bonkers inconsistency of it.

Like, take the ever so – woo! – ground-breaking proposal for a new Star Wars vid game to include a GAY character. Like this is going to herald the end of life, the universe and pretty much everything as we know it.

Religious Bonkers

Well, if you’d like to immerse yourself in a whole level of rant beyond what you normally experience, just head on over to the sites of American Decency and their good friends at Florida Family Association, you’ll see a great deal of hot-under-the-collar-ness at the merest suggestion that Bioware’s latest version of their Star Wars video game is going to be beaming homosexualist propaganda (no less!) into the homes of ordinary decent US families (and into the minds of their unsuspecting kids).

OK. There is a serious allegation that, if true, I’d agree with them about – which is that debate on this issue has been censored. I hope not.

But otherwise, the claims are bonkers. Doubly bonkers when you consider the nature of Star Wars itself: its philosophical/religious content is decidedly non-Christian. If anything, the training that Jedi receive looks a lot like some sort of Buddhist search for enlightenment. And while that may be OK in a world that welcomes diversity in faith, as any fule kno, sustencance for other faith messages, in a rad Christian context is instant hellfire and damnation.

So, screw the homosexualisification: these kids are gonna burn anyway for turning to the Buddhist side.

And what about constant references both to the Force and…the dark side of same? The constant message of Star Wars is that the victory of the good, the positive, is NOT inevitable: that the Dark side could triumph if humans don’t intervene.

Hmmm…which invites two more combustible heresies: first, that such a pov mocks the Christian doctrine of God’s omnipotence (fetch the matches!) – and second, in its equivocation between good and evil, smells a lot like a replay of the old heresy of Manichaeism. St Augustine railed against it as early as the 4th and 5th centuries: the Inquisition took special pains (and I do mean pain) to root it out. Although oddly enough, as doctrine, its closest modern equivalent seems to raise its head in the teachings of – surprise – a lot of fundamentalist Christian sects. Hmmm.

Inconsistent? Much.

More gaming stuff

I leave folks to ponder that, while giving mention to two other gaming themes peeps might like to ponder. First off is a quaint, not terribly advanced, but nice game – Dys4ia – put together by a German trans friend.

World of Warcraft it ain’t. But its someone trying – and in their own way succedding to put a message across. Check it out!

Last up is something I MUST get back to sooner or later – and that is the role that gaming plays in transition. MMO’s, espesh: because I do know that for a while, places such as second life were the only places I could go to begin to feminise and to begin to practice being me.

And from exchanges with many others in that community, I know I am far from alone. Its another of these things much under-researched.. . and I’d love to know if there IS any such research out there.

jane xx


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    Rebecca Ashling said,

    Quinnae Moongazer’s blog, The Nuclear Unicorn, has quite a few posts on how gaming interacted with her transition. Here’s the link:

  2. 2

    Shirley Anne said,

    Well Jane, speaking as a Christian I obviously disagree. Wereas the game content does perhaps contain belief systems, lifestyles and practices which are not consistent with the Christian faith, that doesn’t or shouldn’t raise any eyebrows amongst those of us who are Christians, after all we would have to object to almost everything that goes on in this world if that were the case. These things are outside of our control and in themselves do not affect our lives or our beliefs in any way. However, homosexuality, that is the practicing of it is a sin and an offence to our God and Creator. It is He who declares that to be true through His word, not us as Christians, we simply have to follow what God intructs and declares to be truth. Neither does that mean that we, as Christians should hate those who sin because we too are sinners! Of course for a non-believer the Bible is fiction but for a Christian it is the word of God. From a non-Christian point of view all of this is nonsence which is quite understandable being the prerogative of the unbeliever. As a Christian I would say that those who go against God’s will are condemning themselves but again that most probably will fall on deaf ears. Something else I should like to say in response to your reference to The Inquisition, that was carried out by the Catholic Church, religious fanatics not considered to be Christians at all. The Catholic Church has much to answer for. For an interesting insight into Catholicism and the real truth about them I would recommend a visit to these two web sites and

    The first site points to a set of sermons which should not offend an unbeliever as they are not aimed at outreach in an attempt to convert but they do take some time to listen.
    Anyway make of them what you will.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. 3

    Skyrim, my game of current obsession, also very quietly and without fanfare enables same-sex marriage on an exactly, perfectly equal basis to opposite-sex marriage. There’s absolutely no difference at all – in the dialogue options, in the ceremony (conducted in the same chapel by the same people), the congratulations you’re offered, the wedding guests, the ceremonial garb – it’s ALL equal. And I love it. That developers Bethesda have put this in, without debate or discussion, makes me love them all the more (despite the fact that they’ve released a game which doesn’t work very well in places).

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