Event: National LGBT Health Summit (September)

Date: 13th – 14th September

Venue: The University of Kent in Canterbury

The Summit will address a number of key health themes and will look in particular at the impact of social and emotional isolation on the health and well-being of LGBT people. It is widely recognised that LGBT people are not well served by health and other services and that their particular needs and experiences are not routinely monitored or addressed. The impact of prejudice and discrimination that LGBT people encounter has a detrimental effect on their mental and emotional and often their physical health.

The Summit is hosted by the LGBT Health Summit 2012 Consortium. This successful bidding partnership is headed up by Metro, Kent Community Health NHS Trust, Kent Transgender Forum, Kent & Medway LGBT Community Reference Group and the Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Law, University of Kent.

The Consortium is working in partnership with a host of other national and local statutory and voluntary organisations including Stonewall, UNISON, Canterbury City Council, LGBT Consortium, Kent County Council, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust, NHS Kent & Medway and the National LGB&T Partnership.

The Summit offers huge potential to the Kent region and will bring some of the most influential people in the LGBT community together, in Canterbury, for what promises to be an extremely powerful, informative and enjoyable couple of days.

The Summit will also focus on improving access and participation for older LGBT people, younger LGBT people and LGBT people affected by HIV and building capacity for transgender people. To achieve this goal, the Summit organisers are hosting a number of local fora to increase community engagement and build sustainable support in Kent and Medway.

To ensure a maximum of exposure for Trans people Kent Trans Forum have ensured that there has been a separate Trans peoples consultation process and a prominent member of the local community is working to ensure that Trans issues remain high on the agenda. Full details of the consultation process can be viewed on theHealth Summit Consultation flyer v1.1

There is also a Younger LGBT people consultation process taking place concurrently, so if you know of Younger LGBT groups/organisations or Younger LGBT individuals that would like to take part please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A request for Abstracts for poster presentations and workshops is to be released shortly, so please stay tuned for this. Volunteers are also needed to assist with the venues and events over the course of the summit itself.

If you have any questions on the Pre-Summit Consultations, about abstract submissions, about any other element of the Summit, or to volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Tonks at kellytonks@gmail.com, or Beth James, Equalities Lead (Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity) for Metro who can be contacted at Beth@metrocentreonline.org.

Kent Transgender Forum is extremely proud and excited to be involved in the National LGBT Health Summit. With Trans issues becoming more prominent nationally and locally, in the media and across government, it is an ideal opportunity to ensure that the visibility of Trans people remains strong. This Summit will be a strong example of collaboration across the LGBT spectrum and will lead to strong legacy foundations in Kent and Medway and across the UK.


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  1. 1

    Natacha said,

    Loads of health conferences at the moment, I did one in Cardiff in the Autumn, I’m doing one in Sweden, there’s one in Birmingham in June and now this one.

  2. 2

    Suzanne said,

    Natacha, the Cardiff one was the follow up to one the year before in Hatfield and this new one is this years. We enjoyed the Hatfield one.

  3. 3

    Joan Heath said,

    Thanks for the extra exposure, Jane. Really appreciated down here in Kent.

  4. 4

    For information, the LGBT Health Summit has been an annual event since the first took place in London in 2005. It was at that original event that the principal was established of including a strong trans element, and so it has remained.

    In 2010 I co-chaired the summit when it was hosted by Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust in Hatfield. This is where I recorded the following report, which captures the atmosphere and the impressions of many participants…


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