It is decidedly strange when folks you know for one thing suddenly come through a differently labelled door in your life.

So it is with the author of People with Issues.

Dave. I happen to know him – or rather “of him” – through the wearing of one of my “other hats”. Yep. In between writing stuff for the Grauniad and Pink News and Climate Change publications…i also happen to edit two seriously worthy journals on business and marketing issues.

And Dave sits somewhere behind the scenes in production. Usually sending me stern missives to the effect that i need to sign off this or that proof if i want the aforementioned worthiness to appear in print this side of 2013.

Yes. Ours is an online relationship: constantly exchanging e-mails; never actually met…although it became clear, a while back, that he occasionally dabbled in this blog. And now it would appear he has one of his own.

A seriously talented one, as far as i am concerned. So if you liked the illustration above, go and check out People with Issues for more of the same – or similar.

I liked it.

jane xx

P.S. I quite like the cartoon i linked to above, because it is so like something i nearly used to do in my dim and distant youth…which is that very occasionally, i had this awful habit of winding up a sub on one publication i worked on by inserting a wholly nonsensical – and frequently scatological – sentence into copy submitted.

Cured…by a furious editor who pointed out that subs sometimes dozed off…and that if ever one of my witticisms slipped thru, i would take the rap…. drat!


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    dailyturnout said,

    Friend of mine once copied a paragraph of a footy report into a chemistry essay to see if the teacher bothered to read them. The essay was returned, marked average and no mention was made of the footy.

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