godwin predicts

What is the most inappropriate thing I could post on the daily mail website? I bet readers have a few suggestions they could make.

But tonight, care of my infamous predictive text, I came close to hitting the jackpot.

I was continuing a discussion started earlier with some DM commenters about what I ought to wear…was explaining how my body shape dictated certain choices. That included, in summer, either very full skirts, or something maxi-ish.

Pause there. What could be more innocent than that? A tall woman confessing to wearing styles that work with, as opposed to against, her natural physique.

Maxi-ish. Savour it. Then cast around for what predictive text MIGHT make of that word.

Yep. Dear reader: there was I, courtesy of my ever helpful predictor, on the brink of announcing to the world amd the Daily Mail that as the sun came out, my thoughts turned to donning “Nazi-ish” skirts.

Oh dear. Honest, I never!! Not least because the vision conjured up is of horrid metal-grey wool-mix concoctions. I mean, screw the politics! There is NO WAY I’d ever wear such a garment on the aesthetic alone.

Thankfully, I noticed in the nick of time…and Mail readers were spared the shock of my giving apparent support to reactionary clothes.

Don’t blame me, guv: speak to the android.

Jane xx


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  1. 1

    paula-transpanther said,

    I can’t see there’s anything wrong particularly with “nazi-ish” skirts. Quick.. get writing to Alexie commonly known as Sayle..

    “Stalinist underwears, all the rage among gruniard bloggers, today denounce facist overclothes as “borgeois knightsbrige beaujolis set frippery” and threaten some sort of action on a chintz chaise longe sometime, probably after the Garibaldis run out 🙂

  2. 2

    alexkingsley said,

    You have predictive text turned on? I’m shocked.

  3. 3

    eclectic chicken said,

    some things are worth by passing fashion for….let me know when your ready to move on from pink leggings to nazi-ish skirts xx

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