Doing what comes naturally

Its been a good week. On the stage again. Applause. Decent reviews. And a highly positive request to get involved in an ongoing artistic project on the back of it.

Although, lest some get the idea this is all about THAT documentary – or subsequent publicity – think again! This is me getting up in public once more, after a very long interlude, and performing some creative writing.

A small gathering. A select gathering. One at which individuals came to deliver poetry and performance – mostly erotic: a lot that was wry and insightful; some that was hilarious – and to listen to one another.

Not exactly fame and fortune. Nor, in almost any way, similar to what was going down in the national media a day or so earlier. But for all that, something I think I enjoyed far more than recent forays onto the national stage.

There was a reason for doing the documentary – mostly about putting across a trans-positive message and providing encouragement to partners and family. However, like the proverbial swamp, it became difficult, at times, to remember that the initial aim was draining away the mud when one was, from time to time, ass-deep in alligators.

Its tiring. Emotionally exhausting. And in the end, given the rewards are pretty much the same as for a night out performing, much the same: zero. At least in the material sense.

Smut and Ministers – can they ever mix?

Next up, my last week’s appearance looks likely to segue into attending and, if they’ll have me, sometime performing at a Women’s Erotic Literature Evening in Hoxton. Amusingly, the event appears to take place on the same night and a mere two minutes walk from a Hackney Lib Dem event featuring our brilliant Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, MP.

I shall, for different reasons, probably attend both. Or try to. The imp inside me toys with the faintly amusing scene of a solid serious politician being inveigled into visiting a “group of wicked women come together .. .to share their mucky musings”.

Sadly, I know it won’t be happening.

Still, I’m enjoying the writing, the performing…might even put some of it up here…and am more than open to offers of doing it elsewhere. It feels very right.

jane xx


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