I will be back later with the shears.

There is something utterly vile, odious and, frankly dislikeable about some of the stuff going down on the comments over the last day or so and, whether those visiting from the US care or not, their behaviour here impacts directly on the reputation of the UK trans community.

I really, really hate this, but either i or another – if someone else is happy to come on in and do some of the work – will be putting an end to this.


Simple. This blog began as a personal journey. It still is – and there will still be posts from time to time about the lovelier side of life, from raspberry blush to vajazzling. However, it has also become a journalistic project.

Its part showcase for my work: part parking place for stories i believe OUGHT to be out there, but which the national press aren’t interested in paying for.

Anything you see on here tagged as “news feed” has been circulated to some 150 national and international press titles, including nationals and lgbt niche publications.

There is a further set of prominent types – MP’s, bloggers, other writers – getting the feed as well. The focus is at present on trans issues. But as you should have noticed, I am interested in other areas: the law on sexuality, censorship (ironically), violence against women – all from an increasingly feminist perspective.

So its not just “my” blog: and the commentary also reflects (today very badly) on entire community for whom it is written.

I have next to no interest in this angels on pinheads attempt to define “real” womanhood, transhood or riding-hood, red or otherwise.

A good deal of that seems to be a particularly american obsession.

Or rather, there are some aspects of it that do interest. I have a post about the trans umbrella i have been meaning to put up for some while. But what i cannot stomach is this instant aggressivity: the recourse to insult as pretty much first resort.

The only thing that has holding me back is that I have an absolute innate distaste for erasing anyone: but it cannot continue like this.

I will try on an individual post by post basis.

Meanwhile, i will leave you with a thought provided by feminist writer Bidisha (I am paraphrasing) at a conference a year or so back: talking about internecine feminist rows, she suggested that women have enough ranged against them in terms of traditional oppression that she had neither time nor desire to expend energy adding to it.

Amen to that!

jane xx


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  1. 1

    Liz Church said,

    Aha! Kicking out time. I do enjoy watching a landlady giving the bladderati the bum’s rush…

  2. 2

    Kira said,


    I think it needs to be pointed out that many of the arguments being aimed at the TG community are the same as those used against the TS community by numerous groups. They use the same hateful language, the same self righteous indignation, and the same “perverts in the bathroom” reasoning to target those they see as different.

    • 3

      janefae said,

      Thanks, Kira…and yes. That is why i decided to call time on the viciousness.

      I had sort of hoped it would die down, but it just seemed to be spiralling.

      jane xx

  3. 4

    […] the interests of getting this blog entirely back on track, and recognising, as I attempted to spell out yesterday, that it is a place where occasionally VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE drop by for some serious information […]

  4. 5

    Alex said,

    Like you, Jane, I have very little interest in labels. However, there is one that is becoming more and more to my liking – Trans. Not Transsexual, Transvestite or Transgender. Simply Trans.

    I believe the medical profession, some time ago, switched to this term and it was because of it’s potential for being less divisive… and I’m all for that.

  5. 6

    justawomannow said,

    Whether you like it or not, there are growing numbers of women “with a past” who see TMW as just another self serving group purporting to speak on their behalf. Not all of us which to be “out and proud and trans”

    Personally, I can’t stand the word and many of us feel we are being ignored by those with louder voices, intent on lumping us all under the same umbrella.

    It really doesn’t help when some of us have to try and explain, with a patient smile, that we’re not “trans” anything, just men or women trying to get on with our lives.

    Some of us do not understand why there is this insistence on being seen to be different. Some of us are quite happy with Binary, it works for us.

    That’s why we feel that our interests, needs and concerns diverge are apart from those within the “T” community.

    It doesn’t mean we have the right to be nasty about it though.

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