Event: LGBT History at Southampton Uni

For LGBT History Month this year the University of Southampton is organizing its 2nd LGBT History Workshop on Wednesday 15 February. ALL WELCOME. The workshop will be on Avenue Campus (room 1145) and start at 10am.


10am ‘Colonel Redl: A Homosexual Spy Scandal on the Eve of the First World War’. Mark Cornwall

11am ‘Sex and the City in London, 1395: The Strange Case of John/Eleanor Rykener’ Leonie Hicks

12 noon ‘Queerness and the People’s War: Homosexuality in the British Army 1939-1945’ Emma Vickers (University of Reading)

1pm ‘Homophobia and Gay Prejudice: The Diary of a Mass Observer’ Tony Kushner

2pm ‘Gay Monks or Monastic Affection? Masculinity and Religion in High Medieval England’ Nicholas Karn

3pm ‘The Paedophile Narrative: Homosexual Men in Twentieth-Century British Politics’ Sebastian Buckle

4pm ‘Apollo Lives Again: The Queer Stardom of Ivor Novello and Ramon Novarro in 1920s Hollywood’ Michael Williams


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