Event: Transgender Equality in Service Provision (Mar)

Tuesday March 20th 2012, 9.15am-3.15pm, Sheffield

In December 2011 the government published an , health and social care. The action plan includes specific actions relevant to Health and Social care. The action plan was welcomed by the Yorkshire and Humber NHS Equality Leads group because much of the work of this group has focused on Transgender equality in 2011.

To support this work NHS Yorkshire and the Humber are sponsoring this conference which focuses attention on how the national action plan is relevant to health and social care at a regional level.

Participants will have an opportunity to hear presentations on:

• What the Yorkshire and Humber Equality leads have done to take forward Transgender equality

• Statutory Equality Duties and the NHS Equality Delivery System

• Patient care pathways

• Commissioning services to ensure transgender equality

• Engagement with transgender communities

• The issue of stigma and hate crime and how this impacts on the health of the transgender community

• A Public Health perspective

There is also opportunity for participants to network, action plan and to receive a range of resources to support equality of service provision to transgender patients/ service users.

Who can attend:

Hosted by the Centre for HIV & Sexual Health on behalf of Yorkshire & Humber NHS Equality Leads and sponsored by NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, the conference is free of charge to health and social care professionals, commissioners and equality leads from the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

Places at the conference are limited, with lunch and refreshments provided.

If you would like to register to attend, please complete the application form attached here Transgender Conference Flyer also indicating any special dietary requirements or access issues. Contact Gemma Grayson, Training Course Administrator, Centre for HIV & Sexual Health (Gemma.Grayson@nhs.net)

Applications need to be submitted by Friday 2nd March 2012

Go to conference site to check on any updates for info.


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