The problem of hair

On the one hand, i am so loving the fact that my hair is the longest it has been in decades. Ditto that, since July (and the final eradication of most of the local testosterone) it has suddenly sprung back to life…and is growing at a rate also not seen in ages.

Hair, though, is not without its problems, and it is now reaching a stage where it needs taming or very definitely putting in its place.

1. There is the mealtime problem. A nod of the head and suddenly, i have not so much a mouthful of hair, as two strands caught up in whatever i am eating. Which is almost more annoying than the full mouthful. On account of you have to pry them out from your teeth individually.

2. Syrup. No, really: real syrup, as opposed to the Cockney rhyming version.

As in syrup on bread for breakfast this morning – a rare instance of comfort eating after a minor (!) household upheaval. More on that after the weekend. For now, though, in case anyone is worried: it is not so much emotional, as utility related.


The issue here is syrup in hair. Mmmm!

Obviously the simple act of lifting bread to mouth without encountering a wayward flick of hair en route was beyond me. Ugh! Especially after i washed it yesterday.

I have now damped it down and combed it out as best i can.

I shall be surveying the hair accessories counter at Boots later in the day.

(Oh: and for all those who like to be helpful about this sort of thing, what would you recommend? Hair is basically shoulder length, fine, and given to going all wispy and wind-blown at the drop of a hat. Not QUITE long enough for bunching…though almost. Suggestions, suggestions…hopefully age-appropriate suggestions….welcome.



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  1. 1

    alice band…tuck behind ears…shorter hair…less syrup….holding hair back as you eat…hair clips…. the world is full of solutions

  2. 2

    Paula TransPanther said,

    I have had long hair since chilhood.. you get used to it.. longer is better when it comes to eating, sounds to me it’s just at that awkward length where it gets in everything but isn’t long enough to get under control.. a few more weeks and believe the problem goes away 😉

  3. 3

    Belle de Jour said,

    If your hair is fine, be careful about bunching anyway, it can tear the strands. I find something to hold hair off the face like this can be helpful, and doesn’t pinch your head like an alice band:

    If control is a problem, conditioning might be the answer. I use Hask Henna N Placenta, which is available in packets from most ethnic cosmetic type places (believe it or not, rinse-out products for coarse or curly hair are also very good for fine, fair hair (but leave-ins are not)). However Boots also has this which is cheap and excellent:

    In general I only do warm water and conditioning rinses every time I shower, and leave shampoo for when it really, really needs it (yes, it does take hair that’s used to being stripped of oil time to get used to this. Yes, it’s worth it).

  4. 5

    Rebecca Taylor said,

    You need to get some body into it (ie make it artificially thicker with leave in styling stuff). This peanut have to make it oiler or slicked down, try Aussie range spray in conditioner. I usually pour a bit into my hand and comb it through my hair with fingers. A lot of the most famous brands eg l’oreal are rubbish, avoid them.

  5. 8

    drdr1955 said,

    As your hair is fine definitely avoid tying it back with thin bands as it is easily damaged. -I use jaw clips – quick and effective. Something similar to this will work:

    Or use soft fabric covered scrunchies. Or as several have suggested, alice bands

    Medium to long hair combined with eating is perilous and the quick rinse never seems to get food out properly (syrup, gravy, custard, dressings and hair seem to have an unfortunate affinity…)

  6. 9

    drdr1955 said,

    Also try Tangle Teezer to get the knots out quickly, painlessly and with minimum damage to your hair. I only recently discovered this product – apparently Dragons Den nixed it, but the chap who invented it persisted and funded the development himself. They are wonderful You can find them in Boots, on Amazon and at most good hairdressers

  7. 10

    Another one for jaw clips here. I used to keep my hair very short and only had to deal with the hair accessory problem for the first time about 8 years ago. I like the clips because you don’t have to pull your hair back tightly, you can just lift it up and clip it and it wil keep your hair out of your toast/weetabix/soup efficiently. I find I get uncomfortably hot sometimes as well and have to clip it up a lot in the summer.

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