News Feed: Biting back: Philip Davies, MP rejects any suggestion of misuse of funds

Shipley MP, Philip Davies has firmly rejected any suggestion that he acted improperly in hosting a press releae for the Taxpayers’ Alliance on his personal website, which is funded by parliamentary allowances.

The issue arose earlier this week, when writer and campaigner on sexual rights, Jane Fae, referred this case to the parliamentary watchdog responsible for overseeing MP’s expenses.

Mr Davies said: “My website has been funded through Parliamentary allowances in the past but IPSA have confirmed that I have made no claim at all for my current website in this Parliament.

“Therefore on a wider note if an isolated inappropriate piece was put on a website it would not lead to a loss to the taxpayer as the cost to the taxpayer would have been the same with or without that piece on there, but naturally everyone should do their best to ensure that all content is appropriate and any mistakes (which we all make from time to time – including journalists) should be rectified as soon as they are brought to your attention.”

Ms Fae is now awaiting a response from the Parliamentary watchdog. However, since the complaint was lodged, the pafe in question appears to have been taken down.

Jane Fae


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