Event: Call for Papers for Trans-Scripts (Feb 2012)

Attached is a Call for Papers for Trans-Scripts, the interdisciplinary journal in the Humanities and Social Sciences at University of California Irvine.

Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2012.

The theme of the second volume of Trans-Scripts is “Queer Interventions
and Intersections.” It welcomes a wide range of submissions from a variety of disciplines. Founded in 2010, Trans-Scripts is a student-run and edited interdisciplinary journal, and the editorial collective of graduate students come from diverse academic fields, including English, History, Culture & Theory, Comparative Literature, Women’s Studies, and African-American Studies.

Faculty advisors represent an even more varied range of disciplines. All submissions will be reviewed by both students and faculty to ensure the highest quality of work. Though primarily a forum for student work, faculty are welcome to contribute as well. It also publishes editorials by renowned experts on each theme covered.

For more information, the Trans-Scripts journal can be accessed online.

All general inquiries about the journal or any comments on published pieces should be directed to the 2012 volume’s Editor-in-Chief, Jen Kosakowski, at jkosakow@uci.edu.


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