Misgendering – (suddenly Mail!)

Oh dear: its not just when dealing with trans stories that the Mail sometimes gets it wrong. But how ironic that a story about a techy person making a balls-up technically should, itself, be subject to a technical balls-up.

Here’s the lede from their online edition tonight.

Its a funny enough story about a web guru Leo Laporte, who accidentally blipped up on screen the content of some steamy texts between himself and his lover Lisa Kentzell, during an otherwise serious broadcast about new tools created by Google.

So, according to the Mail: “Mr Laporte…showed a screen shot of a text conversation where he told his lover, he was naked in bed and that he should join him.”

How very, er, gay…as my daughter might put it. But unless Mr Laporte’s lover (pictured in the article) has indeed transitioned recently, it does rather look as though the Mail has inadvertently created a moment of mild and unintended homoeroticism.

A shame, in a way, that this should happen to the Mail which has, of late, markedly upped its game where gendering is concerned (in fact, the worst offenders nowadays seem to be the Telegraph and the Express…closely followed by its sister paper, the Star).

But a useful excuse for the future: honest guv, it wasn’t misgendereing…it was just a misprint.



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