Modern dilemmas

So with a family like ours, you’d think the boy would be worried. And he is.

But maybe not quite in the way one might expect him to.

Transitioning parent? That seems now to be a shrug. Part of the everyday and, since it seems also to have sunk into the everyday at school and with his mates its not really an issue.

Gay parents? Hmmm. That’s another kettle of fish. Since i’m a girl and his mum’s a girl, that makes the two of us gay and apparently that’s more of a dodgy subject.

Gay uncle? Yep. As if gay parents weren’t enough, he is all too aware that his uncle is also gay and that places HIM beyond the pale, too, in school terms.

But worst of all? Worst of all, it appears, is that uncle and partner ARE the chuckle brothers.

They look like them?

Nope. They definitely are them.

Personally, i’d have thought such famous relatives, if true, would be fab to have. But apparently not.

Its the pits. Beyond gay. Beyond trans. A shame he’ll never live down.

Until the next one. 🙂



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