Social engineering (from the North Pole)?

Well i don’t know! This is another of those two hat jobs.

Because wearing my grown up., responsible IT journalist/consultant hat, i am fascinated by the link below.

Whereas wearing my parent and generally fluffy girly hat, i just LOVE it.

So here goes: its a christmas message we’ve set up for the boy. The site is pretty much open to all to set up their own personal message, so have fun, if you are that way inclined.

We shall see later in the day how he responds. My guess is that he’ll fall and, for one more year at least, he will sustain a belief, in large part supported by the latest in social media management techniques (ooops! that’s the consultant hat showing).

Brilliant! Until you realise that the selfsame software that can be used to personalise a message from santa to a young boy could be used to personalise all manner of deeply intrusive messages to yourself.

Think: annual work review presented by Simon Cowell. Personal fitness plan by Alan Carr. Or debt collection courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


I think i’ll stop having such scary thoughts and go back and look at my own personal message again. The one that decided i was “nice” – and signed off with a slightly shivery remark by Santa that i’d been a “good girl” over the last 12 months.

I think, maybe, i could be persuaded. 🙂



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