Hellish pizzeria

I’m not going to go on at length about this, since the NZ blogosphere has already picked it up, reacted and, as far as i can tell, is now getting results.

Bottom line, however: a chain of pizza takeaway stores, originating in New Zealand, has made a reputation for itself by a succession of PR initiatives that are tasteless and therefore play to a certain sort of edgy, er, tasteless humour. If they were UK_based, i’m sure Jimmy Carr would be eating there, if only to scope out the competition.

However, they appear to have over-stepped the mark recently with their series of “misfortune cookies”, one of which forecasts – ooer! – “you will marry a transgender”.

Ah, yes. what a dreadful misfortune that must be!

As i said: i’m not going to comment further, beyond noting that this has happened and, from NZ boards i’ve been reading, it seems to have been picked up and, hopefully, dealt with very swiftly.

Its thoughtless. Car crash pr.

And its not happening, as far as i can tell, in the UK. That is: the chain did have a couple of London franchises but…according to their site, these are currently shut. So move along: not a lot to do here.

Except that some folk might feel moved enough by this story to write to the management.

You can probably trace the address from their site. That is all.



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