Taxpaying for the obese

Oh dear. Is this going to sound like “smug git” time? Probably.

Though that’s not the intent. Honest.

No, honest!

I am not a slip of a girl. depending on time of week, time of day, my bmi hovers around the 25 mark. I’d like to drop it to 23…but that’s a conversation for the new year.

I’m too tall. My feet are too big.

On the plus side, though, there’s a lot less of me than there was (and no.. .that’s not just a sly reference to my grs. 🙂

On the day I decided to transition, i looked at my body as was, and agreed it would not do. Very complicated. I was a decidedly chubby bloke.

It aged me…made every activity a challenge. Too, I guess, there were body issues. Not exactly self-hate, but a lack of care.

Which changed, as I sat, the moment I knew… Four and a half stone later…and staying trim thru oestrogen and enforced bed rest, I love the feel, the look. Zumba helps. So does yoga.

Now…if only I could shrink my back (and feet) gain a cup size, lose six inches off my height and gain the perfect waist, I’d be happy – for all of five minutes.

So yeah, that sounds smug – and apologies to all those women, trans and cis alike, who struggle with age and hormones and weight.

However, this post is not about them. Nor, exactly about the epidemic of obesity that appears to have washed up on the UK’s shores of late. Third obesest nation in the world (after the US and Ireland): one in four women officially obese.

Every one of that tally represents a unique personal situation. Sometimes also, serious co-morbidities. Heart conditions. Diabetes. A strain on emergency services.

In one paper yesterday I was reading of Britain’s one-time most obese bloke. His treatment – and yes, I have learnt to treat all such news claims with a punch of salt – has allegedly cost the NHS a million pounds over ten years.

Or 100 times the cost of MtF grs.

The point. Or points?

First, a distinct lack of comment from past masters of the rentaquote, the Taxpayers Alliance. Odd that. They have no axe to grind over trans issues…but somehow can find time to comment on gender stuff, which consumes a fraction of point something percent of NHS resources…but not on obesity.

Are they trying to conceal something? Dunno, but I shall certainly be asking.

And in the meantime , if anyone knows what the TPA weighs individually or collectively, do let me know. That plus a best guess as to what their eating may cost the NHS would be good.

And, though I can see this is a risky strategy, when next anyone berates us for what we coat, size them up. Literally. And if they look like a pie-munchee, say so.



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  1. 1

    Carka said,

    A pie-munchee is someone who is eaten by pies…

  2. 2

    Shirley Anne said,

    ….and people who are obese cost the country in other ways too, think of all that extra fuel used to cart them about! I have much simpathy for obese persons who cannot control their obesity because of an inherent physical problem such as an over active thyroid or other things but I don’t have simpathy for those who cannot control what they stuff into their mouths,,,,,,,,,,,,it is sheer gluttony. I say let the pies eat them as well as the TPA

    Shirley Anne xxx

    • 3

      Tegan said,

      “…but I don’t have simpathy for those who cannot control what they stuff into their mouths”

      What of those with eating disorders who really cannot stop overeating? There are mental diseases that are just as valid as physical ones.

  3. 4

    Liz Church said,

    Phone up the TPA, tell them you’re from the Express and see what they say.

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