Good news on the names front?

Yesterday, i dropped into the Halifax to close another couple of accounts that seem to have proliferated around my life over the last decade or so.

Three, to be exact, still in old name and harbouring small amounts of cash that i just never bothered to round up into the main one. One appears to be a saver account holding the princely sum of £1.21!

So. Simples. Just close them.

Oh: but why don’t i name change. I start patiently to explain to the ladies of the Halifax how i don’t do deed polls. How closing and opening new is therefore preferableto the argument which in the end gets us nowhere. And they paused me…

That’s OK. We don’t need a deed poll. Just so long as there is a relationship and you can satisfy security procedures, we’ll name change for you.


Have i stepped thru the door of a parallel universe?

We shall see. Given all the difficulties with every other bank i’ve dealt with so far, i’m not holding my breath. The obvious conclusion is that the pair i dealt with don’t know the rules in full…and when i next go in a senior manager will intervene and explain why i can’t do it that way.

On t’other hand, if i am allowed to change, that would most definitely be a turn-up for the books…and another route whereby trans folk could access savings and cash post-transition without adding extra bureaucracy.

I will let you know how it goes.



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  1. 1

    Liz Church said,

    You’re right to expect that hypothetical manager. I’ve heard of trouble recently with the Halifax that will justify your cynicism.

  2. 2

    Shirley Anne said,

    I don’t know why you make life so difficult for yourself, get the Deed Poll and be done with it. I know, I know you don’t do Deed Polls……..My argument is go with the flow and get on with something more important

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. 3

    neive said,

    I changed my name went into my local branch of RBS and the manager changed it without any problems.

    I have known him for years but I gave him my deedpoll paper everything was changed there and then new chq book order new cards.

    and I even got an overdraft now on the electoral register as from the 1st everything has been really easy to change over.

    I guess it depends on who you bank with

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