Mixed portfolio

I do SO love that i write about such a variety of thigns. Thus, it brings about clashes like a week or so back, when i processed in the space of an afternoon from the English Collective of Prostitutes in Camden down to the Cabinet Office in Whitehall in one easy tube ride.

Or today, when i have just applied for accreditation for Erotica 2011 (the London fun erotic jamboree designed to get us all a little hot under the collar) and the UN for visiting rights to their up and coming conference on climate change (their non-erotic get together which aims to help cool us all down again).

So far, it rather looks as though accreditation for the first is going to be marginally harder than for the second. Mostly, i suspect, because all those national journo’s who don’t write seriously about erotic topics from one end of the year to the next are slathering over the prospect of easy-write pieces about dayglo vibrators.

Against such competition, climate change just isn’t all that sexy!



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    Shirley Anne said,

    Is climate change supposed to be sexy Jane?

    Shirley Anne xxx

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