General surgical dashingness

One bit of the trans summer prog that amused me last night was the interview with surgeon, Mr Bellringer. Now there’s dashing, i thought to myself, and…

…where have i come across similar dashingness before? Oh. Yes. Mr Thomas – another of the UK surgeons that specialises in grs. He strikes me as equally dapper, equally charming…and seems to come across just as well in the documentary that we were involved in.

So what is this? Are all gender specialists sent off to The George Clooney finishing school for eminent surgeons before they get to practise? And is it just co-incidence – or are they now slugging it out through the medium of reality TV, in an effort to determine who is Prince Charmingest?

Dunno: though it definitely makes one think.

Sad that Jimmy Saville has just passed away, else he might have fixed it for us to find out. In his absence, it seems but one course of action remains: the anonymous letter to TV savant and generally wise person, Harry Hill, in the hope that he will invite the pair on to his show and settle this question once and for all with his gentlre invitation: “let’s fight!”.

In the intersts of safety, though, i’d sincerely hope scalpels would not be allowed.



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    eclectic chicken said,

    you know you always said you’d have been a beautician if you’d lived your life the other way…. I think i disagree…. it’s nurses who get to marry surgeons (if they are pretty and lucky enough).
    [/end sexist comment]

  2. 2

    Shirley Anne said,

    Not sure what to say about this Jane. I found the guy very pleasant and professional and obviously enjoying his position as a surgeon. I got the impression that he was proud to be helping someone in their transition and got some kind of kick out of doing so. Definitely need more like him anyway.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. 3

    Reminded my more of James Herriot than George Clooney. I have no idea how anyone can find anything to be praised about a man who regularly boasts about reducing operating times to around 2 1/2 hours., gulp!!! Ask my partner about the ‘well, yeh, hair removal, you could do that if you want the deluxe version’ he used at her pre op examination. Seen his ‘work’ and I think I’ll go for the deluxe job, with Dr Surporn in Thailand. Apparently he doesn’t make too many mistakes but when he does it’s usually a biggy.
    Still better than Tim Terry or ‘The butcher of Leicester’ to give him his formal title. Never met Thomas but still not that impressed with his work although he is almost universally accepted to be by far the most competent of the British GRS surgeons but still not really a specialist. We have a friend who used to work with him and by all accounts a nice guy.

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