Sperm theft!

We read today how Mail columnist, Liz Jones stole her boyfriend’s sperm! OMG! Shock! Horror! Roll out the lynch mob: for here is a truly demonic woman (i think the term is succubus) who will go to any lengths to conceive, up to and including theft of the most intimate substance going.

( we eagerly await the confession in her next column, that in between times, she secretly rubbed sperm into her face as a moisturiser).

Of course, the Men’s Rights lobby will be out in force, because there is a serious dimension to all this. Child Support is what is known as strict liability. If your name is on the DNA, you fathered, you pay.

Literture in this area abounds with the suggestion that women do get up to this sort of thing, along with pretending to be taking the pill when they are actually conveniently forgetting. So this will clearly form the basis for loads of “I told you so” pieces and demands for child support to be removed from strict liability status.

Do i agree? er, no. Men need to be aware of some basic biology. If their sperm gets into proximity with someone else’s eggs then conception is a likely result.

Women who do not wish to get pregnant have long known that they – and only they – can be trusted to be in charge of their own fertility. And if a bloke does not wish to make someone else pregnant, he has one of two options.

Take surgical steps to ensure this cannot happen: or irretrievably dispose of the unwanted spermy stuff himself. And that’s that.

I can well see that its morally flawed for a woman to act as Liz Jones did. Unethical. Dishonest. All manner of things. But it happens – probably less than Fathers 4 Justice claim – but more than exceedingly rarely.

On a personal footnote: i’d say that neither of my children was “planned”. However, neither was unwanted, either. There were periods in my life when i was not prepared to have children, and when i took pretty much every precaution going not to create new life – including turning down a very enthusiastic offer one saturday morning after the condom supply ran out. 😦

And there have been times when i was quite happy for there to be conception and so, whilst i never “tried for” that outcome, i was happy to stop taking precautions.


Men and women both complain, from time to time, about being “tricked” into parenthood. Bottom line, though: if you don’t want to be a parent, don’t rely on ANYONE else in respect of your fertility.



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    eclectic chicken said,

    choosing to use a condom and throwing it in the bin is a bloody good indicator that the bloke in question isn’t up for a pregnancy and you should never have to plan for the sort of dishonesty or mental derangement in a relationship that involves sneaking a used condom out of a bin and using the sperm.

    but then if the relationship is at a point where one of you wants a child that badly…and the other doesn’t…. its probably not the right relationship and it amazes me how many couple don’t talk about children before they commit to things like marriage.

    too many women leave child bearing too late and presume it to be a ‘right’ and end up only being able to hear their body clock as opposed to what anyone else thinks…. more of them should end up as lonely old cat ladies like Liz Jones.

  2. 2

    Shirley Anne said,

    Well if you put yourself in such a position you have to realise that this sort of thing can happen sometime in the future. Keep the sperm where it should remain until required and that isn’t in a sperm bank! Then you have total control as to its use. If you put your hand in the fire expect it to get burned else wear a fireproof gauntlet.

    Shirley Anne xxx

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