Google does dick

Now here’s a quirk i hadn’t spotted before. Perhaps its a new feature on google. Or perhaps its just my own lack of observation.

Anyway – i am looking for a delicate way to put this – i have had issues with “cock” before now on US forums. This, because in america, the male of the chicken species is known as a “rooster”. Sure: we use that word this side of the pond, too: but it always feels a bit strained.

Over here, the male chicken – and male other bird, too – is the cock. Peacocks, f’rinstance, are male: peahens are female.

Talking about one’s family set-up, which includes a cat, a goldfish and a yard full of chickens, without occasionally mentioning the c-word is not altogether easy: and its a tad annoying to have US moderators hitting the smelling salts and – simultaneously – the ban button for the simple crime of referencing the male bird.

Foul, ref!

Still, i know better. Do not discuss such creatures on US forums, unless you are sure that the forum in question has some degree of adult rating.

Which brings me back to google. I inserted a “cock” into a search i was carrying out today. Jake Thackray was also in there, i think.

Whereupon google returned a whole load of links including “cock” and then noted that it had also included “dick”.

Like, huh? What’s THAT got to do with chickens?

I am mystified. Does google now do this for other terms? Or just ones it thinks might be a tad rude?

I shall go experiment. Carefully.

In the meantime, here’s a chicken joke:

Q: What were Colonel Saunder’s last words?

A: So THAT’s what it tastes like….




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    Shirley Anne said,

    I am not sure it’s Googles fault but simply the fault of the dictionary they use,

    Shirley Anne xxx

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