The joy of slacking off…

Phew! No, really: phew!

At 3.30 am – well, 3.26 am to be precise – i hit the button on my magic web-mail-net thingummy and sent off into the ether the BIG report i’d been working on. All 42,000 words of it, mostly spell-checked, edited, stylised and about three stages away from publication.

Somewhere along the way it crept up to 46,000 before i took a sharp pair of scissors to the woffle and chopped it back. So. Want to know about renewable energy issues? I am your girl! REC’s, PTC’s and the ETS: that’s me….

Of course, it would have been done earlier had it not been for ANOTHER of those panic moments (at about half 2) when i hit one of the edit buttons and the whole thing slid off into the electronic nothingness. Thank god for regular saving! I lost about five minutes work – plus the half hour or so i sat about waiting and hoping that it would stop thinking about things and come back and talk to me.

Which leaves today free-ish for me to start back on other things. Blogging (i owe pieces to three separate blogs right now): a tussle with the Beeb over name change.

And maybe the real thing: an eyelash hunt. Yep: weekend dressing up – or down – was severely crimped by the fact that i took two sets of lashes with me. An outrageous glitter pair: and a more modest acquisition from revlon.

Unfortunately the revlon offering – which IS cheaper than eye-lure – was lacking one essential ingredient, which i only discovered AFTER i arrived. Yep: no glue.

Grrrr! Don’t they know that it is only obsessives – and definitely not the sort of girl who wears lashes – who manage to hold on to their little vials of glue? Totally gutted.

And then careless…putting one set of lashes back into a make-up bag without sealing the box.

And of course they promptly escaped. So sunday morn, i have one outrageous but lonely glitzy lash. Huh?

Where do they go? I am beginning to think there is a special category of objects – like biros and paper clips – that migrate to a fifth dimension when we are not looking. Lashes too!

Apart from the odd one that turns up, caterpillar-like, on my pillow the morning after the night before. That quite galvanised the boy for a brief moment, as he thought he had discovered a rare species of ultra-slim insect….the lashipede!

But no. Tis gone…so it is back to ordinary lashes for me.

Oh. Apart from the interesting pack of individual ones my hairdresser let me have as a freebie.

Perhaps when i’ve finished the blogging it will be tweezer time.



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    Shirley Anne said,

    I hate it when for some reason I lose large pieces of writing to cyber-space. Either I have done it accidentally or my machine suddenly decides it’s time to go bye-byes and I’m left wondering if the darned thing was auto-saved beforehand. Usually the latter is not forthcoming and I either give up the thought of continuing with whatever it was or I frantically do a brain search trying to recover from memory all the information verbatum, not always possible with my tiny brain! Somehow the second time around is never the same as the first.
    Caterpillars on your eyelids? I tried wearing those things once but now I stick with my own generously coated in mascara. I suppose if one’s eyelashes are not enough the false ones must be used. You do know that the ‘special’ glue is simply PVA………..
    Shirley Anne xxx

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