Dance happy (and vpl)

Life continues to get back to normal. Today, gloriously, with a return to dance/zumba.


Not a full session. I hadn’t totally understood how unfit one can get after a three month holiday from exercise. And i’m still a tad sore, as became clear the moment i started to do anything that involved stretching.

Played today – one of my faves – was “Give me everything” by Pitbull:

and not played, but i’m going to stick it up here anyway for future reference is another fave – “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz:

A brief moment of panic before setting off: my usual attire for zumba has been crop top and baggy trousers. Mysteriously, the latter have disappeared. Mostly, i seem to have a drawer full of leggings, jeggings and skinnies.

(Yes: we’re talking a girl who may not have much in the figure department, but she knows she’s got good legs).

But…but…there was a definite and very personal reason for the baggy trousers: not least embarrassment at flinging myself about the floor pre-op with some obviously male bits still in place.

So the tight look is now OK? Not quite. The last thing i want to do now is head off into “inappropriate” territory on the other side. And i obviously hadn’t been paying enough attention to what the other women wore.

A re-assuring phone call from fellow zumba enthusiast, Fiona and i ventured out in jeggings.

I needn’t have worried.

We are a class of every age, shape and size. We are also, as i’d never quite clocked before, awash with vpl – and no-one cares.



That possibly feels trivial. It ain’t. A bit more explanation in the next post.



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