Mixing it with the media

Ah well. The joys of being notorious is that i do get the opportunity to inject some common sense – 🙂 – into public debate occasionally.

Was on the Beeb this morning (i’ll get a link as soon as i can find it) and here’s a statement I put out to accompany the prog. Doesn’t 100% reflect what i said, but i think the sentiment is important.

Writer and sexual rights activist, Jane Fae today hit out at the bigots and hypocrites who she accused of using concern about the welfare of a ten-year-old child with gender dysphoria as a figleaf to disguise their own inability to deal with gender issues.

Speaking to BBC Radio Lincoln, she said: “The decision by the family of a 10-year-old child from Worcester to allow her to commence treatment for gender dysphoria is courageous – and clearly cannot have been easy.

“There is no guarantee of getting the right answer in cases such as these. However, with the support of experts with years of experience in the field of gender, they have probably chosen the least damaging option for their daughter.

“They are doing nothing that is final. Rather, they have recognized that for someone with dysphoria, every day of puberty is soul-destroying and hateful. They have therefore taken steps to put puberty on hold for the time being, giving their child the time to mature and decide for herself whether full gender transition is the right option for her.

“A lot of hot air has been generated by people not directly involved in the case. With no knowledge whatsoever of the individuals concerned, they have suggested this is no different from any girl or boy acting slightly at variance with their birth gender. They have made baseless allegations against the mother. And in some cases, the language they have used – describing the child as a “freak” – is utterly contemptible.

“All we are hearing from such types is a hatred of difference, thinly disguised as concern.

For further information, contact Jane Fae

Tel: xxxxxxx
e-mail: xxxxx

Hope that sort of catches a mood….


Edited to add: apparently i called it slightly wrong. AN expert closely associated with this case has just e-mailed me to say that “in this case, the child has not yet started medication to suspend puberty. Apparently the parents see that happening at around age 12 if the child’s gender dysphoria persists.”

So even less “permanent” than the critics claim.


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  1. 1

    Shirley Anne said,

    I missed commenting on your last post regarding this subject Fae but I did read it. I first saw the news about it on AOL and made a referrence to it on my own blog without making any further comment. This is only the second case of this nature I have read about in recent times, the other was someone in the USA. In both cases I have to agree with the parent’s decision to allow their child to mature as they feel is natural for them. The problem with Society is Society. Many people don’t have a problem with these issues and rightly so but as you say there are bigots who hides behind a thin veil of acceptance. Why some folk think that everyone else should conform to their ideas, fit into their moulds is beyond belief. Who wants to be so small minded as they are? The gender of a person has got nothing to do with anyone else as many have said, it is a personal thing. I suppose these bigots reject the idea that they themselves are not perfect too! What you see is not always what you get. The bigot looks the perfect specimen until we look at the inside! The child is not a boy just because it looks like one.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. 2

    Thank you for sharing Jane, a very sad story when you think of what the child has to deal with. I hope people will finally get it, I really don’t understand with all the exposure by people around them and/or the media they still tend to be closed minded regarding a very personal delicate issue. I’m dealing with my crossdressing at a private level as I share my side on my blog, but I know one day I will have to face those around me when they find out who I really want to be. Thank you. Kisses..Lisa

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