On the blog again…

Acutely conscious that I’ve not been on for a while, with the result that one or two folk have very kindly dropped me e-mails asking if I am OK. Yep. Decidedly so. But also a bit pressed for time right now.

And trying to be sensible.

Let’s start with the pressing. As mentioned a few posts back, I still pick up the occasional rush job involving coding in arcane – or at least increasingly defunct – languages like VB. Been doing that for the last couple of weeks, which has helped to replenish bank accounts run down a tad by a month plus of enforced recuperation over July/August.

How stupid is clever?

Along the way, finding out how much I have forgotten. Like last night. Three quarters of an hour to write a neat little reporting module. Then – always a very bad idea – an instant of inspiration at the end as to how I can make it much whizzier. Whereupon everything: project, code, worksheet disappeared, mostly to be replaced by a message telling me that the “object variable was not set”.

Huh? About an hour and a half of racking my brain trying to recall what that meant and then how to dim objects and set applications and nothing. Niente. Nada My work…at least the last hour or so of it…was gone.

Grrrr! Though that only goes to prove I shouldn’t be doing stuff when I am tired. Cause this morning, it took me two minutes to realise what embarrassingly silly thing I’d done…and fix it.

So more work: and more tiredness. Initially, post-op, I guess I knew I was meant to be taking it easy. Then I felt I could get going again. And that, in turn, has been knocked on the head by episodes of intermittent pain, plus achiness and…oh, probably the usual post-op experience.

What I think I have finally got my head around is that its going to take longer to heal fully (yeah! Light bulb moment, that!). Some of my probs have come from doing too much walking. Some from simply bending down to pick stuff up. Because as I’ve healed, so I am finding that there is stiffening around the suture lines. Suspect I was warned of that and forgot.

Peeing with confidence

Peeing is also part of the prob. It goes EVERYWHERE. Partly, I think, a function of labia being not quite unswollen. Partly, possibly, a function of my new geometry. It is making me intensely careful about personal hygiene and odour, as well as giving me a fairly hands-on understanding of why women use so much deodorant and so much loo roll.

Another small boundary crossed. However, the pee thing is doubly annoying, since there seems to be a stretch along one side of my labia that is acutely sensitive to urine. It stings!

I suspect, since I’ve been getting a (very) little spotting with fresh blood and pads keep absorbing something mucky on the same side, that there may be some sort of slight open wound there…but damned if I can find it. I shall ask a nurse to look next week.

Along with all of the above, I’ve rapidly been learning about the dazzling range and shape of towels available – from the massive tesco doorstops that greeted me on my return from hospital thru to the “mint thins of sanitary wear”: body form. Which leak… so mostly not too helpful, apart from the fact that they are also slightly perfumed, which I am sure someone will tell me is a bad idea.

Anyway, pulling all of the above together, I think I’m getting the message that my body wants more time to recuperate and therefore I am giving it that time. Won’t stop me heading down to Brighton this week (anyone able to put me up for a night?)…but definitely more care is on the agenda.



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