Me, entirely…

Meanwhile another milestone seems to be approaching on the name front. I have so far managed to change my name on almost every single document of consequence without the dread deed poll.

There are a couple of bank accounts left over…though those are about to be culled: and the mortgage, which remains in my old name, mostly because I suspect that unless I make the change at the same time as I go for my gender recognition certificate, they will charge me an administrative fee.

There is also my old credit card account, which remains active, because joint with andrea – but which I have now ceased to use since I finally persuaded BHS to re-score me and give me one of their’s. And that is where the milestone comes in. Bizarrely, in order to use my old bank account to transfer money to my old credit card account, I need added “proof of identity”: a single bank card is not enough. I need my old credit card or similar.

And whilst, six months back, I amused myself with the thought of what the police might do if I were knocked down and they went rooting thru my purse for ID…and found half and half, old and new, nowadays, that is no longer the case.

There is no old ID in my purse any more. Occasionally I take out with me a cash card enabling me to withdraw funds from the single big old account which has to stay in place cause it offsets my mortgage…but knock me down today (er, that’s a theoretical thought, not an invitation) and you won’t find evidence that I have or ever had any name other than my own.


I know that will prompt sadness in some quarters: but as everything else, it is a measure of how far I have come.



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